Bernie Sander Might be an Underdog, but He’s Still Beating the Republicans


There are currently only two democratic bids for the 2016 presidential election and one of them is someone most people have never even heard of. Bernie Sanders has had an impressive career as a Senator in Vermont, but is considered by most to be an underdog, to put it mildly, for the 2016 presidency.

While it is true that Hillary Clinton has a dramatic lead in the polls, he still has a significant lead over possible Republicans competitors such as Chris Christie and Rick Perry for instance. Sanders has been a long time favorite for many democrats and independents alike. However, his views are pretty far left and his career is almost incomparable to Clinton’s. Sanders has also refused to use Super PACs in his campaign, while Clinton has openly admitted her campaign would not be possible without them.

Even though that it’s true that Sanders will most likely not be the democratic nominee,  STX Entertainment knows he is beating out his republican competitors. These findings are revealing a possible shift in the political parties, in favor of the democrats. Considering the current issues Americans are dealing with, such as climate change and income inequality, republicans have been fighting against their demise for some time. Their outdated politics might finally be catching up to them.