The investments of Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass has had a rather successful financial career and has worked in a variety of fields. While he now works as the founder and head of Hayman Capital Management, he learned from some of the very best hedge fund professionals along the way. He has also proved to be one of the most important hedge fund professionals in Texas and has been so for some time now. For anyone who is interesting in learn more about hedge funds, investing and growing their own business identity, they need to look towards Kyle Bass as he has been working with major financial contributors for some time now.

Kyle is originally from Miami, Florida. He learned a considerable amount of management and financial skills from his father, who managed the Fontainebleau Hotel. Later on he eventually moved out to Dallas Texas in order to attend Texas Christian University. While at TCU, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in both Real Estate Finance and Finance.

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, he worked for a short period of time with Prudential but then went to work for Bear Sterns, a major financial player in the Dallas metro area. While working for Bear, he rose to become the Senior Manager Director at the young age of 28. At this time, he left to work for Legg Mason, another major financial player in the metro Dallas area. At Legg’s office he became the managing director. While working as the managing director for Mason’s office he started his own company, the Hayman Capital Management in order to work with global investment players around the world. He worked as a hedge fund professional and focused primarily on the real estate market by purchasing up subring mortgages that occurred not only in Dallas but around the world after the real estate burst in 2006.

While making money off of the subprime mortgages, he received a placement on the Board of Directors for Texas Instrument Management. This team oversaw $27 billion in total assets, which just became another stepping stone in his resume. He eventually went on to serve on the board of directors with several other major institutions, including Troops First Foundation, Texas Rangers Association Foundation and the Business Executives for National Security. With all of these financial backgrounds and board experience, Kyle has become a major contributor and expert witness for the United States Congress and several different commissions in Washington.

Kyle Bass still manages his company, Hayman Capital, and he has increased the value of the company itself to over $4 billion. He now has opened up different branches of the company in different regions around the world, including Europe, based primarily on the government bonds given to Greece.