Dan Newlin for Accident and Injury Representation


Dan Newlin is an attorney licensed to practice in both Illinois and Florida. His career is focused around helping injury victims throughout their legal process. Dan Newlin was an EMT, police officer and Deputy Sheriff earning several awards and honors along the way. Through the years Attorney Newlin has helped individuals from all walks of life to overcome some of the difficulties faced after a major injury occurs.

When you are injured in an accident or some other means, a qualified attorney licensed in your state can provide excellent relief and protect your rights throughout any legal process. Choosing the right person means finding someone that has the education, experience and desire to help you get what you deserve in your case. Attorney Newlin has over 150 million dollars in recoveries for injury and accident victims. With over 75 employees and a large team of highly skilled attorneys on his team, Dan Newlin has developed a solid reputation as a fierce attorney defending the rights of his clients.

Starting his legal career in 2000, Dan Newlin has 15 years of experience. This is a valuable asset for clients interested in having someone in their corner with the background to get the job done. The challenges facing individuals suffering from injury can be overwhelming. Having a professional there to help negotiate the legal waters can be a big advantage when you are trying to make ends meet. With a large team of highly motivated and well educated professionals at his side, Dan Newlin prides himself on being the hero for those that can’t defend themselves during these times. This graduate of Florida State College of Law has a good track record for coming through for his clients in most legal situations relating to accident or injury in both Florida and Illinois.