From Ally To Accuser: The Predicament Facing George Gascon


A blue-ribbon task force formed by District Attorney George Gascon could end up investigating him after allegations arose that he once made racially disparaging remarks on a booze-fueled dinner. The allegations form part of a sworn declaration that Delagnes submitted when he appeared before the three-judge panel. His appearance came just eight days after Gascon provided his testimony to the panel.
Gary Delagnes, the former Police Officers Association president spent 25 years on the force. He led the Police Officers Association for nine years before going on retirement back in 2013. He is well known as one who throws verbal punches and he saves the haymaker for last in the end in his declaration. In an interview, the allegations Delagnes made are seconded by Martin Halloran, the current president of the Police Officers Association, who was also present at the said event.
The account given is that in 2010, when attending a dinner organized by Harvard Law School, then police Chief George Gascon became drunk and started reminiscing about his time with the LAPD. In the process, he got so loud and animated, making several remarks that were meant to demean minorities. At this point, an African American patron approached him, requesting him to restrain himself. According to the patron, Gascon was beginning to become offensive to his family.
In his testimony to the blue-ribbon task force panel, Gascon stated that the police union was powerful enough to affect the ability of a chief of police or Police Commission to execute reforms. He also stated that he was more worried about the present state of the police department than he was back when he was chief of police.
Delagnes decided to come forward after reading the submission that Gascon made to the panel. According to Delagnes, Gascon had some issues with the rank and file or the union leaders when he was in charge of the department. Also, he and Gascon met routinely and spoke two to three times a week on the phone. All we can do is wait to see how all this unfolds.


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