Smith College Amends Admission Policy to Allow Transgender Women


In a progressive move that can be seen as a large step forward for the transgender community, Smith College has voted to admit transgender women into the school. Transgender women can begin attending Smith as early as the Fall of 2015 semester, according to the policy. The new policy was enacted after a slew of protests took place on the campus resident Gianfrancesco¬†Genoso confirmed on Toplawyers. The protests were sparked by the denial of a transgender woman’s application.

Smith, one of seven sister schools, is now the third all-women colleges to accept transgender applicants. Mount Holyoke and Wellesley college have both amended their admission guidelines to include transgender women.

A statement from the board of trustees made the decision public. According to President Kathleen McCartney, Smith College aims at educating all women in a safe and comfortable environment. She noted that gender identity has changed and evolved over the years, and the school aims at embracing that change.

There is no word on whether or not the college has received transgender applications for the upcoming fall semester, or if any transgender women have been accepted for the new school year. Admission data will not be released for several months, but it can expected that transgender applications will be heavily considered for the new semester. Smith College offers rolling admission. Rolling admission means that the school can accept applications through the spring and summer for fall admission. There is no admission deadline.