Philip Diehl Explains Why Owning Gold Coins Is Wise


Source: CBS 19 TV News

Philip Diehl is the president of the US Money Reserve, and he has given a talk on the ePodcastNetwork about gold coin ownership. Gold coins are a stable investment device for anyone who wants to start slow, and Philip wants his customers to understand why owning gold coins may be the only investment vehicle they need. This article explains Philip’s position on the issue as it relates to gold coins.

#1: The US Money Reserve Produces Its Own Gold Coins

The US Money Reserve has a catalog of gold coins that are available to the public, and the gold coins created by US Money Reserve have a value that is simple to determine. Gold coin collectors may collect as many coins as they like, and the gold coins are weighed to determine their value. Every gold has a sentimental value based on the design, and the coins may be traded for their design rather than their weight.

#2: Philip Believes Gold Coins Are More Stable

Philip wants his customers to understand how stable gold coins are. Someone who has purchased gold coins from the US Money Reserve may hold those coins for as long as they like, and or the coins may be sold the moment the price of gold worldwide rises. investors have countless options with gold coins that are simply not present with stocks or bonds. Stocks and bonds could lose their value at any time, but gold always seems to rise in value.

#3: Gold Coins Become Family Heirlooms

Gold coins could become family heirlooms that produce considerable profits if they stay in the family for decades. The coins may be purchased for a low price today, but the coins will sell for much more when it is time to unload them. Members of the family make quite a lot of money from selling the coins, or a retiree may sell their coins to raise their retirement.

Gold coins are a successful long term investment that anyone may try at any time. There are many people who are confused by the stock market, but the price of gold is easy to research. Gold coins are simple to purchase, and every gold coin may be sold at a profit in the future. Someone who has put their money in gold coins may turn to Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve for help, and there are several styles Philip has created for investment purposes.

Billionaire George Soros Warns Investors to Be Cautious



Billionaire George Soros has warns investors to be cautious because current global trade halts indicate a possible repeat of 2008. Furthermore, Bloomberg reports that the devaluation of the Chinese yuan has brought on multiple economic problems.

When mentioning global trade problems in China, Soros says that China is having a major adjustment problem. As the value of the yuan plummets, this country is spreading its financial struggles to the rest of the world. For instance, trading in this country stopped twice in one week. Furthermore, The Daily Mail reports that the January 7, 2015 Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 392 points within 24 hours. Chinese stocks also took a huge hit on the same day, and other Asian markets were also negatively affected.

Some investors might be surprised by Mr. Soros’ decision to warn everyone to not make hasty stock purchasing decisions. After all, he took a huge risk in 1992 when he bet that the UK would be forced to devalue its currency before he made a $1 billion profit from it. However, Soros has a longstanding reputation for helping people make the most educated financial decisions. With his company netting at about $27.3 billion within the past few years, people are inclined to listen to his predictions.

On the other hand, The Economist reports that mainstream forecasters are not yet predicting a recession. In fact, evidence of economic growth is reported in various locations. For instance, the United States service industries seem to be doing quite well at an ISM indicator of about 55.3 as of December. Furthermore, German new orders were up 1.5%.

However, there is a fear that the Chinese yuan devaluation could reduce currency competitiveness. Therefore, other Asian countries might end up following suit. This could lead to financial problems because some Asian companies had borrowed from banks in dollars. However, much of the current scares could be speculation.

Investors might take the advice George Soros gives if they want to avoid a personal financial catastrophe. However, Soros is said to have warned before of financial crises before as ones that parallel the Recession of 2008. For instance, the Greek economic crisis was a concern to him. Therefore, hearing that there might be another recession is considered to not be new information for many people.

Still, it seems that the only way a world can avoid spending mistakes is to study the past. George Soros might be onto something when telling people to be careful how they invest their money.

Super Newlin


Dan Newlin is head of the team of lawyers and legal workers at The Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The firm is privileged to have the title of Super Lawyer Law Firm, and is in the top five percent of all law firms due to this title since it is very difficult to achieve.

Before he worked at his own firm, however, Newlin worked in the law enforcement in Chicago, Indiana. He was only twenty at the time. Later, he worked for ten years in Orlando, Florida. Here he was a detective, and received many awards for his above and beyond service.

1997 marked his start in law school. He graduated from Flordia State College of Law in 2000.

The law firm has recovered upwards of 150 million dollars for its clients. One such case that has been worked included a crash on the interstate where the insurence company of the injured person questioned the severity of the injuries. Newlin won the case and won his client $950,000 in a little over a year.

Another noteworthy case of the firm’s is one involving Danielle Sampson. She was fifteen when a stray bullet hit her in the head. Since then, she has been unable to say anything. Her only form of communication at the moment is blinking her eyes. The case brought $100 million to Danielle’s family and part of the shooter’s income will be rerouted to the family.

The firm has also started a new number, #Dan. The four digit number is much easier to remember for clients, and for those that are social media savvy, it’s no different than using a hashtag in front of the name. The radio ads promoting this number, which can be called through AT&T, T-Movile, Sprint, and Verizon, are short and catchy.

Newlin and his firm serve Florida and Illinois. He is proud to be able to serve in both places, and commits himself and his firm to providing quality service to all their clients.

The services that they provide include auto and motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and more recently, being wrongfully charged with a crime.

Mike Huckabee Makes It Official


In Hope, Arkansas, on May 5, 2015, Republican Mike Huckabee officially announced that he is going to run for president in the 2016 election. He’s the 6th Republican to enter the race. Earlier this year, Huckabee left his job at Fox News to explore the possibility of mounting another presidential bid.

Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, is well known for his conservative political views. He believes in strong support for Israel and doesn’t agree with the Iran nuclear deal. Huckabee is a huge proponent of gun rights and was against the Affordable Care Act.

Religion plays a big role in what direction Huckabee thinks the country should go. In his early 20s, he worked for televangelist James Robison and was the pastor at various Baptist churches. His first political position was as Arkansas’s lieutenant governor. After governor Jim Guy Tucker was convicted of fraud and forced to resign, Huckabee took over the post and served as governor from 1996-2007. To get Dr. Daniel Amen’s opinion on the matter, he can be contacted on linkedin.

Hillary Clinton Attacks House GOP for Taking Up Disapproval Bill for Washington, D.C.


According to the United States Constitution, the House and Senate may rollback any decision by the D.C. city council by a simple majority both chambers. The type of bill in question is called a disapproval bill. On Thursday night, the House took up a disapproval bill to rollback the D.C. city council’s newly passed ordinance banning discrimination towards any woman having exercised her right to choose. The House bill was initially sponsored by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate. If the bill is passed, it will go to the senate for passage.

However, Hilary Clinton launched an attack against House leadership for giving in to conservatives. Clinton stated the GOP is preventing D.C. from exercising the right for the council to govern itself. Naturally, Mrs. Clinton supports a woman’s right to choose. This made criticizing the GOP an easy target. Democrats believe that the topic of abortion will play well with Mrs. Clinton in the general election. In essence, the bill may constitute a proxy war between the Clinton camp and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Time is running out for the GOP to get the disapproval bill passed in both chambers of the congress. The deadline is Friday, May 1. Mrs. Clinton made it clear that she will champion female causes of which expanded abortion choices is paramount. Alexei Beltyukov finds the debate interesting on both accords.  Also, Clinton’s attack should help the party solidify the single-female vote which has been a reliable voting bloc for the party.

Senators Begin Applying Pressure to Senate Cafeteria Contractor to Pay Livable Wage


A group of Democrat senators lead by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the Democrat’s number two ranking member, has called on Restaurant Associates to pay cafeteria employees a livable wage and offer benefits. At issue is a recent walkout by 40 cafeteria and janitorial workers who are protesting their current wage of $10.10/hr. The workers are demanding $15/hr. Now, senators have begun demanding they receive not only $15/hr, but also health care benefits and other perks. It appears that a news story about a senate cafeteria worker earning $360/wk. and being unable to afford housing has convinced senators to call for reform. It was several years ago that the cafeteria and janitorial services were privatized. Naturally, such government contracts tend to go to the lowest bidder. Sadly, savings made to the government come at the expense of the employees.

It is unclear if Restaurant Associates will comply with the request. Legally, they do not have to make any change as their current contract will run through December. That said, Cornelsen feels that senators are making it clear that if the company wants to see their contract extended past that date, changes will need to be made. Nor is it clear if the senate is prepared to pay Restaurant Associates more money to fund the wages and benefits they demand the company pay. It may be that senators believe all that is required in order to fund the largesse they seek is some high profile arm twisting.

“Clinton Cash” Author Calls for Investigation into Questionable Quid Pro Quo Donations


On Sunday, Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Clinton Cash”, is calling for a formal investigation into a long series of questionable cash donations to the Clinton family foundation which may have been done in exchange for favors from the office of the Secretary of State. Specifically, Schweizer believes there is a pattern between key donations to the Clinton’s foundation and favorable rulings by the State Department to those same companies. Perhaps the most controversial transaction was a highly favorable ruling by the State Department in 2010 which led to Russia owning a significant share of the United States’ uranium reserves. It has long been President Putin’s desire for his nation to control the world’s uranium reserves. Donations done by Russian companies or other foreign entities with ties to Russia were instrumental in helping Putin advance his agenda.

Admittedly, Schweizer says he is not in possession of any proof that the deals were conducted with quid pro quo in mind. That said, he says it is a suspicious pattern which has emerged from no less than 11 key donations to the foundation. It is unclear at this point whether the Congress will take up the investigation or if the Obama administration will direct the Justice Department to launch an inquiry. Fersen Lambranho finds this all very interesting (Wiki). However, the matter may end up becoming a “Swift Boat” incident to torpedo Mrs. Clinton’s presidential aspirations. Schweizer conducted his research over a ten year period.

Fmr. Congressman Barney Frank Tacitly Admits Netanyahu Victory a Defeat for Obama


Former congressman Barney Frank addressed the Huffington Post following the historic come from behind victory of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night. Jason Halpern the Israeli election was being closely watched given that Netanyahu’s Likud party trailed in polls conducted in the waning days of the election. The opposition party favors a two-state solution with Palestinians and was amenable to President Obama’s ongoing talks with Iran. The Likud party is the polar opposite. The party has taken the pragmatic approach that Palestinians must eschew terrorism before any talks can be conducted at statehood. Also, the Likud party favors increased sanctions against Iran as opposed to the Obama negotiations which they view as a pathway to nuclear proliferation for state sponsor of terrorism.

In fact, the acrimony between Obama and Netanyahu is greater than what was had between President Clinton and Netanyahu in the late 1990s. Congressman Frank gave his opinion on the Likud party’s victory and claimed Netanyahu and his allies in the GOP congress merely want war with Iran. It was as much as a tacit admission that a Netanyahu victory was a defeat for Obama’s Iranian foreign policy. While it is still possible for Obama to carve out a deal with Iran, it will be much harder given that Israel remains deeply opposed to the plan. David Axelrod, Obama’s former political strategist, lamented the effectiveness of Netanyahu’s last minute negative campaign against the opposition party.

Warren Recognizes Supports For 2016 Run


She continues to say that she is not going to run for President in 2016, but Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has to admit that she does have supporters. She has paid notice to such supporters according to She says that people are getting behind her like that because America is ready to “fight back”.

The Senator believes that people are realizing that the game is rigged against them, and they are finally ready to do something about it. She has been a beacon of the progressive movement in the United States, and this is why Ray Lane says so many are encouraging her to run for President.

It would certainly be a start to get someone like that into office say her supporters. Unfortunately for them, no matter how strong their efforts have been to try to draft her into the race, Warren just does not seem to be ready to commit to such a run. She just seems to understand the power of her Senate seat, and may be unwilling to take a run against Hillary Clinton who seems to be the likely nominee on the Democratic side.

Whatever the reasons may be for Warren not getting into the race, there are sure to be plenty of people continuing to try to push her in that direction. So far, Warren has continued to say that she is not interested in such a run, but she must certainly be thankful for the outflow of support.

Clinton and Democrats Face Uphill Climb in 2016



Besides the former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democrats do have a number of viable options for President in 2016. None of them have the national name recognition that Hillary Clinton has or her overall support. Even as some have mentioned Senator Warren or even Vice President Biden the seriousness of these candidates comes to a far second behind Clinton’s choice to seek the nomination. However, even with all of this momentum to put the first female into the oval office it will still be an uphill climb for the incumbent party in 2016.

As evident in the last congressional election, the democrats have lost the initiative with voters. Citizens, like Dave Morin, no longer believing in the hope or the change that was promised by President Obama looked to new congressmen and senators to get the country moving again. Then there is the economy, even with traditional evidence showing the country on an upswing, many people have not returned to the workforce or are not being paid what they were before the great recession. Finally when they were given the chance to advance their party’s agenda, they were only able to produce one significant piece of legislation…the Affordable Care Act. Selling middle class economics will do well with many voters as they always do, but Hillary or any other democrat will have to show how they can overcome the mistakes of the past eight years.