Cannes Film Festival: Women Wear High Heels Or Leave


Generally, high fashion for women includes an expensive pair or high heels. They are bound to look good and leave the wearer’s feet terribly sore, possibly blistered, by nights end. The Cannes Film Festival is now making high heels mandatory for female patrons. This ludicrous rule encroaches on a woman’s right to chose her clothing, not be put into a stereotyped box. Heels are simply not for everyone, especially older ladies who may have health problems. Ivan Ong doesn’t recommend them to his female friends.


Are there rules for men’s styles of shoes, no. In defiance to the Cannes Festival’s silly little rule several celebrity men have vowed to wear high heels at their next appearance, turning the rule into an international joke. We all have the freedom to chose how we dress and how we look, having a dress code is one thing but putting a specific rule for women only is unnecessary and does not add to the level of prestigious for their events.

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