Candidates Are Not Beloved At Home


Candidates on both sides of the aisle who are considering running for President may have to face the very real problem of not having a lot of support in their home states. These candidates are right to be concerned because they have a total lack of enthusiasm back home.

Fersen Lambranho posted on LinkedIn about how Chris Christie is a perfect example of a candidate who has interest on the national stage but does not have as much popularity back home. No one is predicting that he would win his own state in a general election. reports that the same problem can be seen for another likely candidate Marco Rubio. In his home state of Florida, Hillary Clinton is outpolling him by at least two points.

Speaking of Clinton, she is not as popular as one might expect in her home state of Arkansas. However, her adopted state of New York loves her. She would very likely win New York in a general election and lose Arkansas.

These are interesting facts simply because it means that the people who know these candidates the best are not that enthusiastic about them to say the least. They seem to be lukewarm at best, and downright disgusted at worst.

Naturally, one does not need to win their home state in order to run for President. However, the fates of those who lose their home states are not often good. Consider Mitt Romney in 2012 and Al Gore in 2000.

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