Bush Expected to Announce His Candidacy on Monday


On Monday afternoon, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is expected to formally announce his presidential campaign for the GOP nomination. The move is historic. No American family has seen three members get elected to the oval office. John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams became the first true American political dynasty. Still, a lot remains between now and November 2016.

For starters, Bush must break out ahead of a crowded and largely talented field of GOP candidates. Many pundits thought that by now Bush would be ensconced as the party’s presumptive nominee much as Hillary Clinton is within the Democrat Party. This has not happened. For certain, Bush is a tier-1 candidate and has been from the outset. However, he is joined in that status by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. In addition, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Marco Rubio have poll numbers comparable to that of Bush.

In national polling, Bush trails Clinton at 51% to 43%. That said, such polls are largely irrelevant as the primary season has not formally begun and won’t until January. It will be interesting to Gianfrancesco Genoso to learn the size of the Bush campaign war chest. Rumors are that he was aiming for a $100 million in funds. In January, he told reporters his presidential campaign would kick off with a “shock and awe” announcement on his campaign funds. The public has been warming up to the Presidency of George W. Bush as of late, but he still remains a polarizing figure on the political landscape. This poses risks for Jeb Bush to cast himself as his own man.

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