Brad Reifler, The Business Star


The world of business, currently revolving in superbly tremendous rates, has harbored Brad Reifler, an American born serial entrepreneur. Brad graduated from the Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science after which he founded his first company back in 1982. Apart from being business minded, one can describe Brad as a leader, an adviser, intelligent, smart and a hard worker. With all the mentioned traits above, Brad was able to accomplish a lot, at a tender age in a quite competitive world order.

The Reifler Trading Corporation was born under an ambitious Brad, who was determined not only to found a company but leave a legacy in the world of global trade, business and economics. In the year 2000, Reifler Trading Company was doing ideally so good that it attracted one of the world’s finest, Refco into buying the corporation behind Brad’s innovative ideas. During that time, Brad sought an association with Pali Capital a company that focused on equity markets. He incorporated differentiated ideas and unique strategies that elevated the company into racking over two hundred million dollars in terms of profits and a few branches in head states such as the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. Moreover, it offered employment to more than two hundred employees in the offices that had been opened in the countries mentioned.

On Twitter he has exploited his skills significantly by founding the Forefront Capital Management. His biggest achievement saw him as the best adviser in the investment sector. He currently works as the top advisor in the Forefront Advisory where he gives professional advice on forex and commodity trading. Reifler also has top advisory positions in a few companies where he is the director of Sino Mercury Company. He has also worked as a director at Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and the Foresight Research Solutions all seeking to acquiring great investment ideas.

Brad’s 30 years of experience in business has surely won him titles and respect among associates and companies. His success has spoken his story for anybody with an outright aim in making a loud breakthrough in the business world. Brad decided to take in entrepreneurship at a tender age in the year 1982; which he successfully transited into the world’s most brilliant minds especially in a highly competitive industry. He offers the role model image to most young potential minds out there.