Brad Reifler-Game Changer


Brad Reifler is making the term “class warfare” as obsolete as buggy whips. Mr. Reifler realizes that the widening gap between the wealthiest one percent of the population and the other ninety-nine percent is an ongoing problem which bodes ill for the world. He has developed a unique approach to solve this growing problem. He has created a way for the 99 percent to have the same opportunity as the one percent.

Mr. Reifler is a successful financial entrepreneur. Soon after earning his degree from Bowdoin University, he founded Reifler Trading. This firm was so successful that it eventually was acquired by Refco. After leaving Refco, Mr. Reifler founded Pali Capital, an international trading and capital management firm which he left in 2008. In 2009, he founded Forefront Advisory where he remains today. In all these ventures, Mr. Reifler has enjoyed tremendous success in trading and investment activities.

Several years ago, Mr. Reifler had an epiphany when a relative gave him their life savings to invest. He discovered that since this relative was not an accredited investor, they were foreclosed from many profitable opportunities that the wealthiest individuals were allowed to participate. Mr. Reifler realized that this was a grossly unfair situation and decided to apply his entrepreneurial skills to come up with a solution.

Taking advantage of evolving SEC rules regarding accredited investors, Mr. Reifler announced in late 2014 the creation of the Forefront Income Trust, an investment vehicle geared towards the middle class investor who wants greater opportunity. With a minimum investment of $2500.00 those previously left out of higher yield investments can now participate. Forefront Income Trust is unique for another reason. Unlike other managed funds, Forefront Income Trust does not charge a management fee regardless of performance. No management fees at all are charged until the investor has realized a return of at least 8 percent. This puts the investor’s interest above the fund manager’s and incentivizes the fund to produce results.

Mr. Reifler sees this as the path to a future which will allow the middle class to participate in the same opportunities that the top one percent has enjoyed. This creates a situation that instead of class warfare there will be class unity. This is good for the country and good for business. Brad Reifler is changing the game for the better.