Brad Reifler, Changing the Face of American Investing


Brad Reifler, Founder and CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC, admits that for most of his career as an investment banker the he has focused on 1% of investors who are accredited by the SEC to the exclusion of the 99% who failed to qualify. Not until two personal experiences that really hit home with Mr. Reifler did he realize that the 99%, the overwhelming majority of Americans, have very few real investment opportunities. At that point, he set out to change the game, shifting the entire focus of his company to make investment more accessible to the masses. Reifler offers five tips to the 99% that can help to ensure safe returns on properly used funds.

1. Be goal oriented and be careful. For Reifler, this doesn’t always mean playing it very safe. It means carefully considering the steps you take before jumping into something. Think about risks, charges, and expenses while executing your investments to ensure the maximum return.

2. Make sure your money is safe. Don’t leave things to chance, and be sure you know what is going on with your own finances at all time.

3. Diversify. Don’t put all your money in one place, especially if that one place is the stock market.

4. Get to know and trust your investment manager. By keeping a good, open, working relationship with your financial manager, you ensure that communication is open when questions or potential problems arise.

5. Recognize why you’re investing. What is your objective? Be careful about the amount you invest at one time, but if you see something working, add to it. Be smart with your money, know when to stay and when to go.

Diversity is key to investment success, but until now, it’s a strategy that only the wealthy have been privy to. Diversification options are limited for the 99% because a person must have a net worth over 1 million dollars, excluding his or her home, or have an annual income over 200,000 in order to make any legal contributions to hedge funds, public funds, and commodities funds. Forty-four percent of American’s have less than six thousand dollars in savings, and therefore, have zero access to major diversification options.

Originally, these laws were created to protect share holders from risky investments, but the laws have become antiquated as they have not been adjusted to the changing needs of America. To solve this problem, Brad Reifler began developing a public fund that ‘Joe Average’ American can invest in. His company now focuses on the 99% and has developed an investment plan specifically designed for them. The plans not only provides noticeable returns on investment, but access to those returns as well. Reifler goal is to make investment accessible and less scary for the average person through education and understanding.  Follow Reifler on Twitter for further information about where his career might be going.