Biden Cast’s Dount on Russia’s Intention in Eastern Ukraine


Vice president of the United States Joe Biden has raised doubts about Russia’s intentions in eastern Ukraine. He has said that “Russia should not be allowed to redraw the map of Europe” while speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Belgium. Vice president Biden is referring to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, formerly a part of Ukraine in 2014.

According to Brian Torchin, the vice president has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of calling for peace, while having Russian troops actively fighting against the Ukrainian army in eastern Ukraine.  Biden has also vowed that the United States will stand firmly by the side of its European allies as they try and help Ukraine fight the Russian backed rebels in the eastern part of the country. The United States and the European Union has already enacted sanctions against Russia. The sanctions have had an impact on the Russian economy which has slowed down, but Russia continues to provide assistance to the rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Speaking further about Russia and president Vladimir Putin, vice president Joe Biden has stated that Russia is ignoring treaties that govern borders and the sovereignty of nations. Fighting has gone on and off between government forces and rebels in eastern Ukraine. There is a new call for a ceasefire and an agreement between Russia and Ukraine over the status of eastern Ukraine.

The United States and Europe are now considering giving military aid to Ukraine to fight against rebels in the east. Russia has responded that such an action taken by the US and its allies will be viewed as a threat to Russia and may result in Russian military action.

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