Bernie Sanders Stumps for Unknown Candidates


As whispers of the campaign for the democratic nomination for president are starting to spread throughout political spheres potential candidates are adopting a wide variety of strategies in their run for office. One strategy that Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren have adopted is to stump for as many big name senate candidates as they can for the 2014 midterm elections from what I’ve seen Christian Broda talking about. Warren and Clinton are both extremely popular among democrats so many Senate candidates are happy to have them come stump for them.
While Clinton and Warren are focusing on big races another major candidate is focusing on smaller races. According to a report by the Daily Beast, Bernie Sanders is preparing for his run in 2016 by focusing on smaller races.
Recently, Senator Sanders appeared at a fundraiser for a Minnesota congressman who has a consistent liberal voting record, Keith Ellison. Sanders also helped Gloria Bromell Tinubu with her fundraising. Ms. Tinubu is running for congress in an extremely conservative district in South Carolina. Sanders has also made appearances for candidates in city council races in fairly small races. While, Sanders’ stumping strategy seems to be a little crazy, it is grounded in who Sanders is.
Bernie Sanders is trying to bill himself as a man of the people and he definitely is building that reputation by stumping for anyone who shares his beliefs. Only time will tell how successful Senator Sanders will be in his presidential run.

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