Bernie Sanders sees a groundswell of grassroots support


The mainstream media and political commentators may be questioning the legitimacy of Senator Bernie Sanders Presidential bid, but a groundswell of support is growing amongst Americans looking for an alternative to Democratic favorite Hilary Clinton. PoliticsUSA reports Sanders appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show caused a certain amount of concern amongst supporters of Clinton when the independent senator for Vermont reported the first day of his campaign saw over 35,000 donations made to his campaign and over 100,000 volunteers registered. when asked about the level of volunteers Sanders went on to explain his campaign now boasts around 175,000 people registered to assist on his campaign.

Unlike the Clinton campaign, which is looking for donations from large financial institutions and wealthy Democrats Sanders is basing his campaign on a fight against such donations. Keith Mann claims the committed socialist is claiming he will run the majority of his campaign from small donations made by voters from around the nation as he looks to enact a breakup of the major US banks if he defeats the odds and becomes President.

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