Bernardo Chua has Become a Worldwide Business Leader


Bernardo Chua, known on Twitter by his nickname, Bernie, has realized his vision as a young man. This vision included hard work, determination, and a keen business sense. While growing up in the Philippines, young Chua has grown from an employee to a global entrepreneur. This has been realized through his company he named Organo Gold.

While building his own success, Chua strives to bring as many people as possible to join him on the road to success. His company was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He started his company as a start-up. His dream opened with three employees. His success is measured by his present multi-million dollar industry which operates in more than 35 countries. He now has thousands of employees and independent distributors.

Chua’s career started in the Philippines where he was employed by Gano Excel. He then moved to California where he managed Gano Excel USA. His success comes mainly from his dedication and his understanding the true benefits of the herb known as ganoderma licidium. This ingredient was a part of the products produced by Gano Excel; however, his vision led him to include it in such beverages as coffee and tea.

As a result, in just a short number of years, Chua has managed to deliver a healthier alternative to beverage drinkers that improves lives with greater levels of wellness, balance, and prosperity. As a result of his dedication he has earned numerous awards. One of these awards was given to him as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year. He went on five more times to win this award. In 2014 he received a Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award. The following year he and two of his staff visited Manila, Philippines where he was once again honored with the Dangal ng Bayan award while he was also recognized as the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.

Chua is proud of his company sponsor, OG Cares Foundation, that enriches the lives of young men and women worldwide. The goal of the group is to prepare young men and women to become better leaders in the future.