Avi Weisfogel Fundraises With GoFundMe for New Smiles


The enterprising, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has teamed up with other volunteers from Operation Smile to change the lives of children. Dr. Weisfogel has also committed his passion for helping others to raise funds for the mission with a GoFundMe campaign. “I’m honored to meet these young patients and their families and transform malformations into smiles,” says Dr. Weisfogel. Surprisingly, just $240 pays for the surgery and in under an hour a child’s life changes for the better.

Founded in 1982, Operation Smile became a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to treating children with cleft lip and palate. In most strong economies this malformation is surgically repaired shortly after birth by a routine intervention, which only leaves a small scar. In less developed countries, however, the situation looks quite different. A cleft lip and palate can be a significant impairment, both physically and mentally. The malformation can cause trouble with daily living skills like breathing, and eating and communicating, and the child is often exposed to other various social problems, such as an exclusion from society. Today, more than 200,000 kids have been treated in 60 countries.

“My support of Operation Smile was an easy decision for me,” says Dr. Weisfogel. Wanting to extend his devotion to new smiles, Dr. Weisfogel embraced the mission of providing free smiles by starting his GoFundMe campaign. All proceeds go to support the mission of Operation Smile.

A quick glance of Avi Weisfogel’s career and you’ll find an impressive archive. After earning a Rutgers University baccalaureate degree, and a Doctorate of Dentistry from New York University, Weisfogel opened his own dental care facility in New Jersey. Years of accolades and landing on the best dentist lists showcased his skills and business savvy. His quick success, and eye for innovation led him to venture out of general dentistry and pursue facets of dental medicine. He co-founded Dental Sleep Masters, focusing on sleep apnea, capturing a national loyal following. From there, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been recognized for his perspectives on giving back. Like many multifaceted healthcare professionals, Avi Weisfogel likes expanding his experience to include donating time to Operation Smile.

If there’s anyone who should know what a smile can do to a room, it would certainly be Avi. “Many times people forget how uplifting a smile can be, and I’m just honored to be involved in such a worthy project,” adds Dr. Weisfogel. With pragmatic determination, he continues his quest with his global GoFundMe campaign. Follow  Avi on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his campaign.