Arizona Lawsuit Attempts To Take Healthcare Away From 300,000 People


It is rare that lawsuits are used to take away something as fundamental as healthcare. That being said, Arizona is a strange state in a lot of ways. This lawsuit is moving forward as a challenge to the expansion of Medicare that is brought about by Obamacare. reports that even though the Republican governor of the state of Arizona, Jan Brewer supported the expansion of Medicare, this lawsuit is going forward anyway. There were majorities in both houses of the Arizona state Congress to get the expansion of Medicare into the state. However, Sam Tabar says the courts have ruled that the minority of lawmakers who opposed the expansion have the legal right to file a lawsuit to oppose this change and to possibly even strip away the healthcare that had been granted to the people.

It is impossible to not point out the fact that hospitals were also in favor of this Medicare expansion, and that the federal government would be paying for it until 2017. At that point, the state would have to come up with as much as 10% of the cost of the expansion. However, this is still a pretty good deal for the state and has helped to add hundreds of thousands of people to the insured population. Now it seems like a spiteful few are going to do all that they can to strip away the healthcare that had been granted to those who previously did not have any.

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