Another Congressman Claims There’s No Evidence of Man-Made Climate Change


Another day, another conservative congressman speaks out against man-made climate change. This time it’s Rep Dan Benishek (R). But he’s gone the extra mile, pointing out that he’s a scientist, and he sees no evidence of climate change.

However, as my colleague Keith Mann is about to point out, that doesn’t hold a lot of weight.

In reality, while Rep. Benishek isn’t lying when he says that he’s a scientist, it’s the nature of his science that calls his ability to make a claim into question. Dan studied Biology throughout college, and eventually graduated to become a working general surgeon. However, biologists may be scientists, but they aren’t experts in environmental science.

The other hole in Congressman Benishek’s argument is when he says that he believes in peer review analysis, but says that there is no consensus on the issue of man-made climate change. When in actuality, about 97% of peer reviewed papers suggest climate change, with man-made carbon emissions being cited as a main factor in that data.

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