Aloha Construction Truly Reigns When it Storms


Aloha Construction is a construction company that offers roofing and siding services to the entire Illinois area and southern Wisconsin. Aloha Construction has completed over 7,000 local ventures as a family owned and operated company. Something to be very proud of when you stop and think about how competitive the construction industry is. It has came a long way from its humble beginnings to becoming what many professionals refer to as a pioneer for its diverse list of accomplishments. Few construction companies can match the excellence, safety, and intelligence of Aloha. It is known for its ability to utilize only the best technology to repair homes.

Customer satisfaction is vital to how Aloha operates. Management does what it takes to make sure a project runs smoothly. Aloha tries its best to maintain a high level of timeliness and attention to detail within every area of operations, whether it’s the sales team, the service team, or the office staff. Every employee is certified and has underwent extensive home repair training at respected schools in the industry. not only will the Aloha crew do a bang up repair job they’ll clean up afterwards as well. When the job is finished your yard will look exactly the way it was before the repair began. The only difference is you have an upgraded roof for the future.

On many occasions insurance companies will try to get out of paying the amount needed to cover the entire repair. This can leave many customers between a rock and a hard place. Thankfully, Aloha is on your side. It will contact the insurance company on the customer’s behalf and work out a deal with insurance adjusters that benefits the customer’s insurance claim. This is a major reason why customers love Aloha. Aloha is also involved in philanthropy efforts, performing random acts of kindness monthly through the Dave Farbaky Foundation.

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