Mikhail Blagosklonny Has A Fine Medical Journal At Oncotarget


There are many people who are relying on Oncotarget and Mikhail Blagosklonny. He has built a large medical journal that is not like any of these others. There are many people who read this journal over others because they are hoping for something that will give them a fresh look at cancer and cancer treatment. Someone who trusts Oncotarget and Mikhail Blagosklonny will be pleased to find that he welcomes in new authors often.

#1: How Does Oncotarget Work?

Oncotarget is a large medical journal that has been published online for the convenience of its readers. Someone who wishes to read about Oncotarget may read on any electronic device they like, and they will have the option to share or print the materials they find. They have a number of options to make the most of their time reading, and it is far more accessible than many other medical journals.

#2: Why Is Oncotarget Accessible?

There are many people who will begin to enjoy the way that Oncotarget looks because it will entice them to read further. They will not feel as though they are reading something they do not understand, and it has been designed to help save time by allowing someone to read quickly and find the main points. Every bit of research is brand new, and the journal will only release items that are helpful.

#3: How Do They Review Their Research?

The research that has been submitted to Oncotarget is reviewed by their panel of experts, and they may ask for changes. The journal is willing to help narrow and adjust research to ensure that it reads properly. They will not publish anything until they believe that it has reached the level that is required. There are many who will be interested to read because the research is new, and they may trust names they see on the Oncotarget advisory board.

#4: The Newest Therapies

The newest therapies are helpful for patients who wish to recover faster, with less pain and without the standard side effects. Oncotarget deals with many issues that include diet and exercise, and they are assured of helping people find a way back from cancer that may not have been traditional. Mikhail Blagosklonny knows that many people who are watching such a thing will find that this is much better for them than standard medications.

#5: Sharing

Anyone who finds Oncotarget online may share their documents, and they will have the opportunity to print what they have found. It is easy for someone to enjoy the articles when they may share them with others. The sharing feature on the site helps these readers save what is useful, and they will feel much more comfortable knowing that they may share at any time.It is quite easy for someone to change their perspective on cancer research when they read Oncotarget. There are quite a few people who will find that reading this resource online will help them treat or recover from many forms of cancer.

Doctor AviWeisfogel Makes Progress in Addressing a Serious Sleep Condition by Way of his Successful Dental Sleep Masters’ Program:


Professional healthcare institutions and Dental practitioners, everywhere, are beginning to witness the positive results of including a sleep component, within their existing practices: by way of Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program.

The program comes, complete with possibly best model anywhere–in addressing a remedy–for the sleep condition of Sleep Apnea. The professional that makes use of Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program is wise–indeed. The busy physician, rushing about, notices, within one of the many friendly testimonials, regarding the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, that his practice has identified, two clients, with the condition of Sleep Apnea; upon initial implementation. He is very happy that the individuals–he notes–have found the remedy, with respect to a very serious sleeping disorder.

Dr. AviWeisfogel–in way of his Dental Sleep Masters’ Program–shows the Dental Practitioner and the Physician–how to identify persons with the disorder. He, additionally, instructs professionals how to properly handle the business-end of the process.

Once installed: the healthcare provider afforded with a second stream of income. Too: Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, provides the health practitioner, with continual support. The program is very customer-centric. It wishes to assist the professional healthcare institution and practitioner, in assuring the patient’s well-being.

Dr. AviWeisfogel, has spent a good deal of his career accumulating information about Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He makes use of an oral appliance, by means of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program that allows the user to keep his air passageway open, during periods of nighttime sleep in the following: https://aviweisfogel.wordpress.com/ click here.

When sleep is disrupted, due to an apnea–that is, breathing is temporarily halted, the sufferer may respond by awakening–suddenly. The, effect, during the day is tremendous. The person, suffering from Sleep Apnea, may feel tired and edgy–the next day. He may have difficulty concentrating.

The condition is linked to more serious health issues such as cardio-vascular diseases. In example, some of Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters’ clients are heart specialists. The sleep disorder is also linked to the disease of Diabetes.

Persons who are obese are at risk of developing Sleep Apnea, since their enormous girth, can cause a profound effect on their airway.

Dr. AviWeisfogel began career, as a Dental Practitioner in Old Bridge, New Jersey. This is a very inspiring and “All American,” portion of the United States with a good deal of small town character and spirit. He became interested in sleep issues, while practicing Dentistry.

Next, he involved himself, in showing Physicians and Dentists, the best way to incorporate a sleep lab and remedy into their practices. He educated these professionals, how to identify individuals, with the sleep disorder of Sleep Apnea.

He makes use of an oral device, that keeps the individual’s airway, open, during sleep.

Dr. AviWeisfogel attained B.A. Degrees in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. He attained a D.D.S. from the New York University College of Dentistry. Over the years, he has accumulated, a wealth of information, with respect to how to incorporate a sleep component, into a practice.

During his vacation time: Dr. AviWeisfogel spends it with his family and puppy. He enjoys the avocation of skiing. He is an avid sports fan. He enjoys watching the New York Rangers play hockey. Thanks to Dr. AviWeisfogel, a most serious sleep disorder, is addressed, by way of his Dental Sleep Masters’ Program–which he created.

Sheldon Lavin Fulfills his Vision of a World-Class Food Processing Venture with OSI Group


Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, confirmed that he had a vision of creating a world-class food processing venture while he started working OSI Group. With products ranging from protein products, vegetable items, baked goods, and sauces, OSI Group has captured the food processing industry under the leadership of Lavin. It should be noted that the firm currently has operations in 17 countries, and it runs more than 80 facilities. The family culture nurtured by Lavin at OSI helped the company to register significant growth across the markets. According to him, the firm operates like a family, and the company is very proud of its people and recognizes their importance.

Sheldon Lavin is open to new ideas as he believes that innovation and creativity are part of his DNA. He keeps his office door always open and listens to people’s thoughts. People address each other by their first name and eat together inside the office; they consider themselves as part of a big family. Lavin also keeps an extended vision of expanding firm’s business further and ensuring a profitable growth by serving world-class customers. He also wanted to see the company’s domination in the food processing industry continued. Lavin thinks that every day is a fresh and new day with something to prove it.

Lavin has more than four decades of experience in the food processing industry, and it started in 1970, when Lavin worked with Otto & Sons, the predecessor firm OSI, to arrange a finance. In the later years, he collaborated with the company further, and in the late 70s, he was asked to lead Otto & Sons. Since the 1980s, Lavin started expanding the business of the firm beyond North America, and it made a significant presence in Europe, Asia, South America, and more. His contributions to the company, helped Lavin to receive many industry accolades and recognitions in the later years. He received Global Visionary Award – 2016 instituted by Vision World Academy, India.


Greg Secker: Demystifying Forex Trading


Greg Secker has shown a remarkable understanding of forex trading built over years of experience working and investing in the financial services industry especially in the forex trading sector. As a serial investor in foreign exchange markets, Mr. Secker has deep industry knowledge and has sought to share his knowledge and experience through various platforms including founding several companies including Learn to Trade. Through the award-winning company, Greg Secker has provided valuable insight on forex trading that extends beyond its mere definition. His valuable tips include how to identify the right moment to opt for forex trading and how to excel as an investor in the sector. Mr. Secker believes the right best indicator to invest in the sector differs for each individual. However, he holds that the current turmoil globally marked by increasing inflation rates, stagnation in wage growth and historically low interest rates presents a suitable opportunity to invest in forex trading.

To succeed in forex trading, Greg Secker advises that investors ought to learn the basics of how the industry operates and find and emulate a successful investor and mentor in the industry. Investors interested in forex trading are also advised to learn and specialize in at least one leading trading approach. Moreover, they should be less emotional, more realistic and aptly goal-oriented. These tips will help them enjoy the numerous benefits of forex trading.

Greg Secker’s Career and Education Profile

Greg Secker graduated from the University of Nottingham in 1997 where he studied for his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences. However, he developed a keen interest in technology especially computing while at the university. He specialized in programming and coding, which provide him with a leeway into the financial services industry as a technologist for Thomas Cook Financial Services while in campus. He worked for the company for a few years where he developed Virtual Trading Desk. His invention won him the British Telecom Award.

He later moved to Mellon Financial Corporation as the company vice president. He rubbed shoulders with some of the best forex traders and investors, which further cemented his interest in the sector. He retired in 2003 to pursue his passion in forex trading and philanthropy. He founded several companies and a charitable organization to further his interests.

Unprecedented Financial Powerhouse Agora Financial In Review


Agora Financial has been recognized globally for their bold predictions proving to be right on the money by, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, The Economist, Fox Business News, Los Angeles Times,The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, San Fransisco Chronicle, RT, and many more. Perhaps, it’s the fact they’ve been a Marketplace for ideas since 1979, or it may be because they have an unbeatable record for projecting major economic forecasts, leaving the competitors in the blind. This occurred most recently when their readers were already aware of several major economic transactions well before they happened, resulting in profit.

Located in historic Mount Vernon, Maryland Agora Financial is the leader in Economic Analysis and Commentary.

For more information follow Agora Financial on Twitter.

Her Goal is to Improve Your Life – Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden


Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Founder: Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She is the daughter of a dentist father and a surgical nurse mother. If DNA accounts for our career choices and our educational savvy, then Dr. Jennifer Walden certainly received cells full of hereditary deoxyribonucleic acid. Her excellent academic achievements are highlighted by receiving her undergraduate education at the University of Texas where she graduated with Honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Dr. Walden continued her education by receiving a Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors. She graduated as the Salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Her early externship occurred at the renowned Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. After Dr. Walden completed her residency training, she moved from Texas to New York to pursue her desire to work in aesthetic surgery. While in New York she was selected to receive a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Dr. Walden also served as the Program Director at the hospital until she relocated back to Austin.After seven and half years in a very successful practice on New York’s Upper East Side, Dr. Walden decided to move back to Texas. Her decision was based on the need to raise her twin son’s closer to the family.

Jennifer Walden is foremost a single mom by choice followed by her title as a renowned plastic surgeon. If her name sounds familiar, she has appeared as a consultant guest on many talk and news shows, as well as serving as a consultant for leading aesthetic companies. Of the over eight thousand, board-certified plastic surgeons in the U.S., only 851 are women. Also, out of the women plastic surgeons only about 180 are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This is interesting since this association is the leading professional organization of board-certified cosmetic surgeons.

Dr. Walden chose the specialty of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery because she wanted to help women to improve their self-confidence in the way they look, as well as to enhance their lives. Dr. Walden noted that women tend to come to female plastic surgeons more often because they are embarrassed about their bodies. Her female patients know that when they come to her practice, she understands what they are going through and that she will never look at them in a judging manner because of their sagging skin due to child-birth or ageing.

Having received Botox, Juvederm, and laser treatments herself, Dr. Walden has empathy for her patients. When she fulfills a surgical procedure for her patients, she is made happy by their tears of gratitude and happiness. Dr. Walden states: “I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I thought that I wasn’t helping people or that I was doing something detrimental to my own gender.” “If I thought my work was simply an exercise in vanity, I wouldn’t do it.

Dr. Walden has presented nationally and internationally on the varied fields of cosmetic surgery which she performs. She has received numerous awards and honors beginning with her academic achievements and including her present cosmetic surgical field. She is the co-author of the book: “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” Dr. Walden is also a regular contributor to many medical journals highlighting plastic reconstructive surgery.



The Mexican waters have the first offshore oil well done by a private company after more than half a century. This is a new step by its government to bring in a foreign company back into its markets. In his statement, the Premium said that the exploration was a joint venture between a local private company and two foreign-based energy companies. One of the enterprises that participated in the drilling is the Talos Energy, LLC a company that is based in Houston. The drilling works started on May 21. It is the first of its kind to be undertaken by a private corporation rather than the Petroleos Mexicanos, a state-owned company.

The exploration will cost $16 million and will take a total of 90 days. The Zama-1 well is situated in the in the Sureste Basin in the Tabasco state. The well is estimated to hold one hundred to five hundred million barrels of crude oil. The companies won the tender in 2015 after the government opened its oil business to the private industries.

Edison Investment Research analyst said that it is the first well to be drilled by a private company it will be keenly watched by the oil industry in the country. The chances of its success are high given the geological structure is highly favorable.According to Charlie Sharp, this is the most interesting project this year because of the implications in the Mexican Oil markets. The Premier stated that Talos Energy, LLC will be the Operator of the well and owns thirty-five percent of the stake.

About Talos Energy, LLC

Talos is a private company that is situated in Houston. Its primary focus is on the acquisition and exploration of gas and oil properties in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Its investment money mainly comes from Apollo Global Management, LLC, and the Riverstone Holdings LLC.Its staffs have experience in this industry has spent most of their career on the Gulf Coast of Lousiana region and the Gulf of Mexico. They utilize modern technologies and extensive expertise to enable them to work efficiently and become highly successful in the drilling processes.

White Shark Media – Working With Them


Award winning company and recognized for their incredible results for their clientele, White Shark Media remains to be one of the best in the world of Adwords management and development. With a team of experts behind the brand, there is no doubt that they are a leading company in this world of online advertising. The company was founded back in 2011 by a few entrepreneurs with knowledge across the online and offline marketing circuit. They wanted to get into the growing SMB market across the US and Latin America by providing outstanding service and delivery of their work. They continue to give clientele what they need and what they are looking for to grow their brand efficiently.

The company has more than 150+ employees that stem across three different countries. They experts in different fields ranging from masters within Adwords search and those in Google analytics. There’s an expert in every field working together to help their clients further reach and accomplish their target audiences.

I worked with their team personally and loved the service I received. I had a smaller campaign that was revolved around Bing ads and Google Adwords. They helped promote my company’s latest new product that has been developed for years, and their strategy helped launch the product successfully and I still continue to work with them when I want to work on a new strategy in place for any updates my company wants to take on.

They are a hardworking team behind the desks. Working with them ensures that you are going to gain incredible service and immense training that can help you move forward and make more money. Gaining that knowledge of pay per click advertising is not something you gain overnight. Working with their team ensures that you grow and move forward in the right direction. White Shark Media is ultimately one of the best brands in the world today because of their unprecedented approach to handling clientele and guaranteeing results for the long haul. Expect having their team work together to help get you moving forward and gaining the recognition your company deserves online daily.

ClassDojo the fun way to communicate with your child’s teacher


ClassDojo has made the entire process of communication with your child’s teacher far more easier and fun. It has definitely revolutionized the way that you can communicate with the classroom community, students, and teacher. It also helps encourage participation and teamwork.

ClassDojo does what normal email or telephone calls can do in regards to communicating but on a more effective level. A phone call and email are great for communicating but can be time-consuming, especially for a teacher that often has 30+ students in their class. This can be a real challenge for a teacher that already has a lot on their plate. Often the priorities in the communication go to the students that are misbehaving. Not anymore. With ClassDojo the app actually makes it very easy for the entire process of communication to work and flow with the touch of a button.

Students are awarded Dojo Points when they are demonstrating positive behavior. This can be in regards to their study habits, teamwork and much more. When the teacher sees this they can reward the students these Dojo Points that encourage this type of behavior. This process is also automatically communicated with the parents as well. The teachers often turn around and exchange these Dojo Points for rewards such as a party or toy. The same is true as well when the student is misbehaving they can lose points. The behavior might not have been bad enough to contact the parents but the process is still seen by the parents so that they can talk to their child and help motivate them to get back on the right track.

The app has tons of features in addition to that. It allows the teacher to show pics and videos of the class too. This is a great way for the parents to become more involved with the child and help lift up and encourage the child in their success. Check out the app or talk with your child’s teacher today to find out more.

Speaker, Author, Leader: Eric Pulier Shows the Way


Eric Pulier is up there with the greats when it comes to creating successful companies and giving back to the community at the same time. Recently, Pulier joined the Xprize Foundation, which offers prizes to teams of innovators and entrepreneurs if they solve the world’s toughest problems. These problems include sending rockets into space, creating apps to teach children in Africa, and more.

It’s not often you read about an accomplished entrepreneur, author, speaker, technologist, and philanthropist like Eric all in one package. However, his track record speaks for itself. He has started over 15 different companies since graduating from Harvard (where he studied English, wrote for the Harvard Crimson, and graduated magna cum laude). Most of his companies have received venture backing, and he’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars for them. Most of his innovations are in the technological space for medical and educational needs.

For example, he was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to showcase his technology that helped children in hospitals. He worked with the notable director and fellow philanthropist Steven Spielberg to create digital platform to help ill children with MS communicate safely with each other online. He is also an active contributor to The Painted Turtle, which is a summer program aimed at ill children in California. Having four kids of his own, Eric Pulier feels a certain drive to help children in need.

One of Pulier’s most impressive accomplishments is a technology company, Digital Evolution, that is a virtual reality experience. It assists children with diabetes in learning how this illness works within the body. By going through this program, they are better prepared to take care of themselves and feel confident about their condition. Other enterprise companies he has founded include Desktone, Enterprise Professional, and Media Platform. He is a proud member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative as well.

To know more visit @ www.thecrimson.com/writer/710/Eric__Pulier/