MB2 Dental Solutions Provides Answers For Busy Dentists


MB2 Dental Solutions is an all in one answer to effective dental clinic management that incorporates every modern solution to office management. One of the biggest challenges that dentists face when operating a private practice or part of a dental clinic team that relies on traditional methods is to perform office management.


A dental office needs to juggle patients, records, compliance, equipment and many other issues that are required to run an effective clinic. There is an answer to these problems. MB2 Dental Solutions provides everything a practice needs to succeed. They provide their dentist affiliates the most qualified staff to run their business office. They carefully select all of the employees so that they are a great match and are able to carry out all of the duties that are necessary. They also furnish all of the equipment used in the office including phones, fax machines, printer, computers, and any other equipment that is needed. They also provide dental office equipment that is used to treat patients.


Dentists that become affiliates have a great advantage because they are provided with everything that they may need including information on the latest dental procedures and technology. They take care of all of the details that are important for a dentist’s clinic to run smoothly. Every detail of office management is seen to for their affiliate locations. They currently have over sixty individual offices located across the country and are continuing to expand. They are always on the lookout for new affiliate dentists that are looking for a common-sense way to achieve a successful practice. By becoming an affiliate, dentists can get a boost when it comes to good business practices. They don’t have to worry about anything but providing the very best services for their patients. The staff that is provided can keep up with appointments, reminders, billing and all other business related services.


Dentists stand to reap many benefits from MB2 Dental Solutions but probably the most important benefit is the ability to focus all of their attention on doing what they love, keeping their patient’s teeth beautiful and healthy.

How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Took Over E Commerce



The Beginning Of A Business

In the early 2000s, Intermix was at the center of web pioneering. Through websites such as fitnessheaven.com and other ground breakers, the company explored online retail at a time when the concept was mostly theoretical. Out of this experimentation emerged two clear leaders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Both entrepreneurs had produced billions of dollars through their startups, but their next endeavor, the companies currently under Techstyle Group, would break the mold and create an entirely new standard for online shopping.



JustFab Shakes Things Up

Ressler and Goldenberg wanted to find a way to bring the experience of personalized shopping to the online shopping experience. Although there were other companies around attempting to take over online retail, JustFab had a unique opportunity. The customers of JustFab could subscribe to the website and receive specialized selections intended just for them. This approach made JustFab a massive success and allowed the website to gain millions of subscribers. Today, JustFab is now known as the innovator of the subscription model in online retail. Pando reported how this model has generated so much success it allowed Ressler and Goldenberg to expand far beyond the limits of the internet.



Building On That Success

At first Fabletics doesn’t seem particularly impressive. It has a business model very similar to JustFab except with a focus on athletic wear. However, Fabletics allowed the duo to expand into completely new territory. Fabletics has spawned a serious brick and mortar stores devoted to giving customers the same experience they had online. Currently, there are only six stores but there are plans to expand and include as many as 100. Beyond Fabletics Ressler and Goldenberg are interested in perfecting the business model they helped to create. Thanks to new analytical techniques, The future of Techstyle Group is brighter than ever before.



Big Data Meets Fashion

At the core of everything Ressler and Goldenberg does is Big Data. LinkedIn exposes how Don has made an entire career off of data gathering. There are tons of online retailers out there and plenty of options for fashion commerce, but this can confuse many customers. Techstyle is changing everything by giving customers exactly what they are looking for. When someone shops at JustFab or Fabletics, everything they receive is tailored made just for them. You can emerge from the website with exactly what you every single time. That sense of direction will keep their empire afloat for years to come.  Read more about Don and Adam’s mission on BusinessInsider, or follow Mr. Ressler’s professional credits on his CrunchBase page here: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/don-ressler/timeline#/timeline/index

One-man Liberty Storm, Thor Halvorssen Thunders on Tyranny


It is fascinating when one person stands up and stands out from the crowd, people who make social issues their life force. So it goes without say Thor Halvorssen is one such individual. As President of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) he is a one-man liberty storm. But why are most people minion followers of oppression? Why is there few leaders protecting their own rights, and freedoms. Why do most people ignore suffering and pain inflicted by tyrants of government? Why do a few like Thor Halvorssen and his family take physical beating, so ungrateful future generations of people will be granted a more prosperous life? These questions are the truest essences of human nature, the fortitudinous exemplary of bravery.

Interestingly, Thor Halvorssen is a worldly notable person of his own heritage. His family waged war on injustices and suffered great consequences because of it. Yet, a motto from the Halvorssen team is clearly sent to the subjugated, don’t just whisper freedom, use your talent, mind, body, and soul to combat tyranny. Get your hands dirty a little bit, hear the thunder, and call for the mallet of peace.

It hard to name all the culprits of dictatorship in the world; the United States has human rights issues, American Civil Rights claims are abundant. A study by Thor showed that Amnesty International used almost 57% of its energy on United States injustices. So evils of the world boil down to severity, not homeland.

Thor Halvorssen sees civil rights as a global infection, one social disease that can inflict even the strongest of countries. Thor Halvorssen’s organization does not discriminate; all participants only need one basic premise. The principle is to rid the world of tyranny.

The sad part is Thor’s staff is twelve. How can it be, we as modern-day, global accessible, internet connected, compassionate, and church going people that we are, we haven’t been able to make a dent in the preverbal domination from the wicked? It is suggested, half the world is oppressed by malicious tyranny, and Thor and his squad are like superheroes saving the world one struggle at a time.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/thorhalvorssen for more.