CEO of BMG Recap


The Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas, Nevada every year. According to an article posted on the website, the first Consumer Electronics Show was held in New York City in 1967. The CES brings manufacturers and consumers together under one roof so ideas can be exchanged and concepts tested before they are introduced to the mass market. A number of ground-breaking items have been introduced at CES, according to Marcio Alaor, the Executive Vice-President and Director of BMG Bank in Brazil.

Alaor remembers when the VCR was introduced in 1970 and when the compact disc player made its first appearance in 1981. Plasma TV’s came along in 2001 and Blu-ray DVD’s in 2003. The 2017 CES will be another great show, according to Alaor. A plethora of other inventions for a variety of industries will change the lifestyles and business models around the world in the future.

Marcio Alaor is no stranger to change. Alaor has watched the Brazilian auto industry go through a series of changes. In another article, Alaor talks about General Motors and Ford and how those companies changed the dynamics of the car industry in Brazil. An article discusses Marcio’s connection to his hometown of San Antonio do Monte, and how he helped that small community grow from a farming-based society to an industrial-based society. San Antonio city officials honored Marcio by naming the food court in the new urban mall after him.

The official Marcio Alaor website has a great deal of information about BMG Bank and the growth the bank has experienced over the last 85 years. Alaor started his banking career with Ricardo Guimarães. Ricardo is a third generation banker and the current president of BMG Bank. Both men share a love for banking and soccer.

When Ricardo Guimarães asked the executive team to put a plan together to sponsor the Minas Gerais soccer club, Alaor got the executive committee to agree on a sponsorship plan for one club, and he also got the committee to agree to invest more money in other football clubs if that sponsorship succeeded. Guimarães told an interviewer that Alaor’s faith in the sponsorship program is the main reason the BMG Bank logo is now a recognizable brand in every state in Brazil.

In a recent tweet, Alaor said BMG Bank is the largest sponsor of soccer in the country.

Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes Evaluates Flood Prone Areas in Brazil


Every year between the months of October and May is Brazil’s rainy season. More rainfall than usual fell between the months of October 2015 and January 2016. The overflow of rain water flooded different regions inside of the nation of Brazil. The heaviest hit areas were in southern part of the country along the borders of Paraguay and Uruguay. Disaster relief agencies state that Paraguay received the most extensive flood damage on the whole entire continent. However, hundreds of thousands of Brazilian people who lived along the southern border region of the state had to leave their homes.
Major river systems in the southern region such as the Parana and extensive wetland areas such as the Lago Esteros del Ibera received an abundance of rain water. People who lived next to the shores or a few miles away from them had to be evacuated for safety reason. Brazilian State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes traveled through different parts of the country in order to survey the devastated areas.
Dr. Cortes wanted to see the post-flood conditions first hand. He traveled to areas such as Xerém and Duque de Caxias. These areas were hit hard by the rains and Dr. Cortes wanted to ensure that the medical facilities in the area had the adequate resources they needed to provide care to displaced people.
Keep in mind that the nation is dealing with a Zika crisis. With the excessive amount of rainfall and warm temperatures; the Aedes aegypti mosquito thrives within this kind of environment. This is bad news for people who live in the nation and for tourists that visit. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the primary culprit for spreading the Zika virus. This insect is also responsible for infecting people with other viruses such as dengue or chikungunya. Brazilian health officials want to ensure that the mosquito population is growing too strong.
The medical facilities that are on the front lines of this crisis are prepared to deal with the situation. Dr. Cortes ensures that each medical unit has adequate medicine and technology for treating people. He also speaks with the people about the importance of hygiene while living in a flood prone area. The fact is that disease will spread at a quicker rate when people do not perform simple action such as brushing their teeth or washing their hands.

Cortes is also coordinating with other health officials in the flood stricken areas. He wants them to know that they will receive necessary aid to assist them during this crisis. More information about this story is available from Extra. People can also follow Dr. Cortes on Twitter to get updated information about this relief effort.

The Performance of Madison Street Capital’s Hedge Fund Industry in 2015 and Expectations for 2016


The investment strategies used by Madison Street Capital seems to be bearing fruits. The firm is experiencing growth in terms of sales and number of clients that are handled. On February 09, 2016, the firm released its 4th edition report summarizing its hedge fund industry deals, and transaction activities as well as M&A opportunities. According to the report, 42 hedge fund deals were either announced or closed internationally in 2015 surpassing the 32 deals that were closed the previous year. According to AUM, the 2015 transaction volume exceeded that of 2014 by 27%. The financial transactions are likely to continue with their increasing momentum in 2016.

Stable Assets

The hedge fund strategies that were implemented in 2015 did not perform as it was expected. However, their mediocre performance did not affect the value of the assets. Instead, their value increased tremendously. Institutional investors are looking for greener pastures in the asset management sector. Their goal is to acquire satisfying returns from alternative investment sectors.

Views of Karl D’Cunha

Karl, the Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director, noted that the hedge fund industry experienced a tremendous increase in the volume of deals closed in 2015, and he expects an improvement in 2016. He ascertained that Madison Capital had streamlined its management structure to accommodate the different type of buyers and sellers. The firm is maintaining its traditional M&A while transactions being offered as revenue-share stakes, PE bolt-on, and seed or incubator deals. Karl noted that the hedge fund industry is highly fragmented, and it will continue to experience consolidation from investors who bridge distribution to deliver products.

Company’s Overview

Madison Street Capital tops the list of the world’s prominent investment bank offering its services to the middle market businesses, companies, and individuals. The Chicago, Illinois-based investment bank offers its service globally and has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. The firm is managed by an experienced team of professionals who use their extensive experience in the financial sector to advice clients on the best investment opportunities. The firm offers its services to businesses that are held either privately or publicly.

Services offered

Madison Street Capital offer advisory services that revolve around finance management, mergers, and acquisition, dealing with bankruptcy and capital restructuring as well as reorganization. The firm identifies investment opportunities on behalf clients and provides valuation services for intangible assets. Its solvency opinions are rated the best in the investment banking industry. The firm focuses on establishing strong business relationships with communities across the United States. The firm participates in humanitarian activities by supporting philanthropic organizations such as United Way. United Way is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. The organization specializes in identifying issues affecting the community and resolves them accordingly. The original version of this article is available on

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How Sanjay Shah Aids Clients Through Solo Capital


Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. In the case of Sanjay Shah this seems to prove to be the truth. Mr. Shah founded Solo Capital out of a need for a job. He was working in investment banking and the 2009 financial crisis made him obsolete with his company. Mr Shah started Autism Rocks in order to answer a need for research and information on Autism when his son was diagnosed with the disease.

Mr. Shah is the owner of more than 30 other companies that are located throughout London and Dubai. His fortune, to date, is more than 280 million pounds. While Mr. Shah is not of retirement age, he considers himself retired. Solo Capital is still his company he simply allows his employees to perform the tasks of running it daily.

Solo Capital is a brokerage firm. They deal with investments, trading and consulting. They focus their efforts on sports investments and helping their clients to understand their best choices for growing their wealth. After many years of successfully helping clients grow wealth and ensure their financial stability in the future, Mr Shah has left the firm to the competent hands of his trained employees to spend more time with his family.

A better understanding of Mr Shah comes from knowing his beginnings. He started his career in the medical field. After a number of years in medical school he decided that this was not the right path for him. He then left school and became an accountant. From there Mr. Shah went to work for a number of large investment banks and learned the ins and outs of the financial sector.

When trouble hit the financial world in 2009 Mr Shah was facing unemployment. Instead of being without financial means he chose instead to start his own brokerage firm. What was originally started with two or three employees now employs more than 49 employees. The company also deals with more than 39 million pounds worth of fluid assets.

The primary focus of Solo Capital is to help clients with investment opportunities. They disperse knowledge and information to help each client find the right opportunities to meet their individual needs. Consulting is also a big part of what the company does. While the investment process requires giving of information, helping clients understand diversification and when to sell and buy is also important.

This also brings the aspect of trading into focus. The experts at Solo Capital, which is found in London, can help clients understand that sometimes one instrument needs to be exchanged for another. This aids in diversifying the portfolio and helping the generation of wealth to continue. Expert advice and services for a wide range of financial needs.

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What is Solo Capital?


Solo Capital is a company that has worked to provide their clients with all of the options that typical consulting firms offer with extraordinary customer service. This firm is dedicated not only to making their own money but to making money for their clients. They have worked to provide all of their clients with the services that they need to be able to profit.

There are many sectors that are included in the Solo Capital business. The most notable are the investment and trading sector as well as the consultant sector. Each of these two things provides information to clients and gives them the solutions that they need to be able to make and save money while they are working to earn their fortune. Solo Capital provides the best solutions and gives expert advice in all of the fields that they are participants in for their business outlook.

Investing and trading can both be tricky especially for clients who have never done either one before. There are certain things that they need to be able to do to ensure that they are making the right investment and certain things they must do to ensure that they are doing the proper trades for their business. There are many ways in which people can make the wrong decision but Solo Capital accounts for all of that in the businesses that they set up with different clients. There are many options when it comes to understanding what clients need to do with their investing and their trading business.

Along with the trading and investing consultations that Solo Capital offers to its clients, it also gives them all around business consultations. This means that the clients are able to ask the firm any questions that they may have concerning the business that they do. They also work to give the clients that they have all of the opportunities that are present in different sectors. They make sure that their clients are satisfied with the business that they provide them with at all times and that they are able to give them expert advice.

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of Solo Capital. He recently turned the business into a corporation and has been managing it since its inception. He works to provide clients with everything that they need for their own businesses while successfully running his own. This gives him the wherewithal to provide his clients with the best of the best and with excellent business opportunities. When it comes to consulting, there are endless opportunities that Sanjay Shah has taught his employees. He has even made sure that they are doing things in exactly the same way as he would do them.

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The Future Of The Supreme Court Vacancy


Madison Street Capital, a middle market investment firm, has offices across 3 continents. The headquarters are located in the United States, Ghana and India. The firm has put together countless successful transaction. They have created partnerships between Dowco Technology Services Limited and Cansel Survey Equipment Incorporated, Bjorksten Bit 7 and Woodlawn Partners, Renegade Industrial Limited Liability Company and Loeb Term Solutions, and TruGolf Incorporated and Grenville Strategic Royalty Corporation. The firm was able to help all of the previously mentioned entities and others with their services in the following areas: valuation for financial reporting, asset management industry focus, financial opinions, business valuation and corporate advisory. Within all of the service divisions, the firm provides further and more specialized services. These services include company valuation, independent third party fairness opinions, portfolio valuation services, buy out advisory and reorganization services, among many others.

Madison Street Capital and other investment firms are keeping a close eye on the impending Supreme Court nomination. The New York Times published an article that addressed the current stances the GOP and President Obama have been taking in regards to the appointee. The article questioned the republicans’ stance to turn down anyone that Obama appoints. The republicans are hoping that they can hold out for the next president because they are assuming it will be a republican. But even if their assumption is correct and a republican is elected, it will most likely be Donald Trump. The article then questioned how the senate republicans could rely on Trump to nominate someone acceptable. But what if their assumption is wrong? What if a democrat wins the oval? Hillary Clinton, the likely candidate, will never nominate anyone more moderate than President Obama would. And then the third scenario is the senate elections. The senate is now majority republican, this could change in the upcoming election. A liberal senate with either Trump or Clinton is wild card.

And all of these things are looking more and more likely to happen. the Iowa exchange shows that the odds in favor of the democrats gaining majority in the senate have shot up in the past weeks. The Iowa Electronic Markets also showed that the likelihood of Clinton getting the popular vote over Trump also went up. And in national polls she beats Trump by 3 percent.

The article also discussed how big of a move this would be for President Obama. This would be his third justice seat to fill during his terms. It would leave a huge legacy for him and his work. It would also ensure that all of his legislation would stay in place for a long time after leaving office.

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Kyle Bass Should Be Ashamed, But He Doesn’t Seem To Be


Tricksters have a nebulous way about them, and likely they rationalize away their misdeeds with reams of anti-logic that is schizophrenic in its depth and inconsistency. Though to the trickster, it is entirely consistent. This must, in some way, be how Bass functions. He appears to evince sincerity on his mainstream media appearances, but his actions are so tangent to this sincerity that they paint the man an Oscar-worthy actor or a lunatic.

For readers unaware, Kyle Bass was unknown until 2008, when he successfully predicted sub-prime lending practices in America would result in an economic implosion. His prediction was borne out by reality, and as a result virtually overnight he became a vetted financier on the mainstream media stage. Since then, the hedge fund he manages out of Texas has performed poor in a way that seems to reflect a continual trend related to his media appearances, and his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has made some major waves.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is a despotic socialist leader of Argentina, poorly presiding over the country in a way that is historically memorable. She made a record! She defaulted Argentina twice in the span of thirteen years. Despite this, Bass has nothing but good things to say about the woman, and says them regularly on the national stage. Is this insanity, or cunning? Well, in either case, the proper shame following such incorrect statements doesn’t seem to follow Bass.

Where he should be most ashamed is in his leadership of the organization CAD, which has managed to make Bass millions through stock he short-sold after he manipulated the stock market. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, and the purpose of the group is to stir up human rights activists and impoverished infirm people such that petitions are signed and lawsuits are filed against big-ticket pharmaceutical organizations. These organizations medications are then sold for an exceptionally reduced rate–sometimes to the tune of ninety-percent reduction, in point of fact–and the big-ticket biotech companies lose so much money, many cases they’re forced to axe funding to departments like R&D (Research and Development). In the end, future cures and breakthroughs are either halted or delayed, ensuring those who could benefit from them will have a diminished chance of recovery.

Kyle Bass isn’t ashamed, though. In fact, he supports his actions with CAD, Kirchner, and his hedge fund. The man either has ulterior motives, he’s insane, or he’s bumbled into his current position in some way reminiscent of inspector Jacques Clouseau.

Sanjay Shah Leads Solo Capital Into The Future


Sanjay Shah was on his way to becoming a medical doctor when he had a change of heart, ultimately choosing to take his career in a totally different direction. Being interested in financial matters, he looked toward the banking industry for a career that he could feel comfortable with. Eventually he decided to become an accountant and, through the years, managed to work for several investment banks, including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. He felt that he was doing the work that he was meant to do.

The financial crisis in 2009 resulted in Sanjay and many others becoming redundant. There were few new jobs during that time, which prompted him to create a brokerage firm of his own, Solo Capital Markets, in 2011. It is an international boutique financial services company that has its headquarters in London, England and is regulated in the United Kingdom. As the founder and CEO of the company, Sanjay Shah leads an experienced group of employees who provide clients with excellent guidance and service. The major business divisions included in Solo Capital Markets are Performance and Human Capital, Talent Acquisition, Proprietary Trading, Commodities, Consulting, Derivatives and Professional Sports Investments.

Mr. Shah had been a sponsor of underprivileged children in India for around ten years when his world was shaken by the diagnosis of his four year old son with autism. Looking for a way to help raise awareness, generate support and money for research, he came up with the idea of coordinating concerts while enjoying a cup of tea with Snoop Dogg. Many famous musical artists have joined in performing for the organization founded by Sanjay Shah. Known as Autism Rocks, the group has been able to make a huge difference in the funding of autism research. Additionally, Mr. Shah and his wife financially support Autism Research Trust, which he became trust director of in January 2013. It regularly donates to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Center.

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