Sanders Affirms Obama’s Earlier Declaration that the End Game of Liberals is Medicare for All


When candidate Barrack Obama was asked about health care, he stated that as president he would push for a health care solution to insure the nation’s poor and uninsurable. At the same time, he explained that the health care measure was an incremental step towards the end game: a single-payer system for all citizens IE Medicare. Currently, Medicare is the single-payer system for retirees. Also, many indigent people qualify for health care through the Medicaid program stated Madison Street Capital. 

LGBT Issues on the Horizon


After 2 months of the infamous Obergefell v. Hodges hearing on same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court finally made their decision that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. This was an unbelievably large victory and momentous time for all same-sex couples as well as same-sex supporters. Christian Broda said that there were Pride parades across the United States as people took to the streets in order to celebrate the right to marry as well as social equality, something they had been fighting for years and years.

Although the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, there is still much work to be done in the way of progressing the acceptance of LGBT in society as a larger whole. This is now precisely the focus of LGBT supporters. It is no secret in this country’s history that government policies and rulings don’t necessarily make an immediate impact on how individuals feel about sensitive topics such as gay marriage. The United States has seen civil rights issues such as this during the Civil Rights movement.

Four of the main areas of focus that the LGBT community and its supporters will be looking into will be employment discrimination, poverty, healthcare as well as violence. Many supporters feel as though these areas of our society are not yet given the attention they deserve in terms of their relation to the LGBT community. There is much to be done to achieve justice.

NBC Cuts D


NBC has finally responded to Donald Trump’s comments on immigration, and the news isn’t good for Trump. NBC has decided to cut ties with Trump, pulling the plug on Miss USA and Miss Universe, and releasing Trump from contractual obligations.

NBC Universal has stayed relatively quiet in the last two weeks, but it is clear that they were just biding their time before making such a monumental announcement. Miss USA and Miss Universe are a joint venture, and NBC pulling out of such a large broadcast is not a decision that came lightly. The network will continue to air Celebrity Apprentice, but Trump will not be a part of the show.

Trump famously made derogatory comments regarding immigration, particularly immigrants hailing from Mexico, during a speech that announced his intention to run for president. Mann indicated that Trump has done little in recent days to apologize for his statements. In fact, he’s gone on the air several times to defend them. In one statement he called his views “accurate”, and during an interview with CNN, he continued to suggest Mexican immigration is a problem as “criminals” are coming across the border.

There is no word on who will take over Celebrity Apprentice or what network the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants will air on, if any.

Trump Is Feeling The Heat From His Insensitivity Toward Mexico


Singer/Actress Roselyn Sanchez And Actor Cristian De La Fuente Were Slated To Co-Host The Miss Universe Pageant And They Both Pulled Out

Roselyn Sanchez is a Puerto Rican singer/actress. Roselyn is not Mexican, but she knows when her Latino culture is being insulted. Sanchez decided to pull out of the Miss Universe Pageant because Donald Trump did what no should do in her opinion. Trump told the world that Mexicans are bringing bad things to the states, and it has to stop. Trump was referring to drugs, crime and other dastardly deeds. The presidential candidate came down hard on Mexico, and he is feeling the backlash where it hurts; in his fat wallet.

Sanchez is not the only person upset over Trump’s handy remarks. Trump’s partners at NBC are distancing themselves from their “fair-haired boy.” Other people are boycotting the pageant as well. Univision won’t televise the pageant, and Trump said he’s going to sue them.

All this negative publicity is still publicity to Trump. Mexico is not happy with him, and that may be his biggest problem. Even though there are issues between the US and Mexico, there is a strong bond that holds the two countries together. Trump’s words violate that bond in the minds of some people.

On The Five Pillars of Editing Wikipedia Articles



Editing for Wikipedia can be very satisfying and rewarding. It can also be frustrating. Wikipedia’s sheer size can make it seem intimidating to a new arrival. Fortunately, Wikipedia does come with a few guidelines for the novice.

Wikipedia editors and writers are expected to know and follow five broad principles or “pillars”: Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, 2) Wikipedians should have a neutral point of view, 3) Wikipedia articles are free content and can be used, edited, or shared by anybody, 4) Editors should show each other respect and courtesy, and 5) Wikipedia doesn’t have hard and fast rules.

So what do those pillars mean? The first two pillars are related: Editors need to stick to verifiable facts. Wikipedia is not the place for editorials, opinion pieces, or advertisements. Articles need to come with reliable and authoritative sources. Books and newspapers are generally counted as reliable sources, while people’s blogs are not. The same rule applies to edits that add information: You need to include proof that said information is correct. One way to add a helpful edit to an article would be to simply add a new source to it. By the same token, an editor ought to remove items that are spam, biased, or not supported by a source.

The third pillar urges writers and editors to not be too possessive of their work. It also comes with an important caveat: Obey copyright laws when writing or editing. Don’t copy other people’s work. Don’t add images you don’t have a right to. Wikimedia Commons is a good source for free images, and will helpfully label something as being in the public domain. It will also inform you of any restrictions associated with a given picture. If you add a quote to an article, include the source.

The fourth pillar simply asks you that abide by what has sometimes been called “netiquette.” If somebody edits your edit, don’t re-edit that edit. Doing so can result in an “edit war,” which wastes people’s time and annoys other Wikipedians. “Edit wars” are a reason why some articles on Wikipedia have been locked. Similarly, don’t troll people by deliberately adding something offensive or inflammatory to an article.

The fifth pillar is simply a reminder that Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies can change over time. It’s also a reminder that changes are saved, and mistakes in editing can be easily fixed.

More information on how to make a Wikipedia article can be found on

Confederate Flag Removed From Alabama Statehouse


White Southerners have long contended that the Confederate Flag is merely an homage to their ancestors and a reminder of their heritage. Staunch defenders of the flag say that it’s more of a symbol of states rights than anything else, but the arguments for it being a positive symbol, as time passes and it is used in more and more negative ways. Most people, especially African-Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and an incredibly racist past.

Since the outbreak of violence at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed nine people including the pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, activists have called for the flag to be taken down reports Susan McGalla. Most people consider it an insult that the flag will still be flying over the state capital when Rev. Pinkney’s funeral is held, only a few blocks away.

Alabama decided on Wednesday to take down the Confederate flag that had been flying over their state capital. A Missippi senator has also called for the state flag, which closely resemble’s the confederate flag to be replaced, and a Kentucky senator asked for a confederate era statue to be removed.

All of the actions are a step in the right direction, although many people feel like they should have been taken a long time ago. South Carolina has still not taken any action on but the Governor, Nikki R. Haley, has asked for the flag to be removed.

Michigan Poised to Block Local Governments from Regulating Businesses


The state of Michigan was hit tremendously hard by the 2008 banking crisis. The near collapse of two major automakers left the once vibrant city of Detroit with tens of thousands of vacant homes. Despite the recovery, it has been difficult for the state’s chamber of commerce to entice businesses to relocate to the state. In part, suggests this is because local governments have the right to impose mandates on businesses which can affect their bottom lines and profitability. For instance, local municipalities can impose minimum wages of their own. They may also mandate employers offer paid leave.

That will likely be changing with the GOP-dominated legislature. A bill is working its way through the legislative branch that would consolidate regulatory power of businesses at the state government. Opponents have invoked a pejorative of “Death Star” as the nickname for the bill. This is a throw-back to the evil interstellar battle station from the late 70s science fiction classic “Star Wars”. That said, it appears the GOP is undaunted by Democrat efforts to cast their actions as being destructive of freedom. The GOP has a platform of smaller government. Opponents of the bill also claim Republicans are being hypocritical by taking control from smaller local governments and consolidating in the larger state government. The state of Missouri has taken the lead by passing a similar measure. The state’s Democratic governor has yet to signal whether he will sign the bill into law.

Nationwide Battle Rages Against A Symbol Of The Confederacy


Up until last week, the Confederate flag could be found almost everywhere from flags to clothing. Now in the wake of a church shooting in Charleston South Carolina in which nine people were killed by a man who claims a hatred for African-Americans, people seem to be changing their minds. For some, Alexei Beltyukov suggests that especially those from the Southern States the symbol has been one of pride in history. For many more it represents oppression, fear and pain.

After much soul searching the South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has called for the removal of the Confederacy flag from all state buildings. Her decision seems to be echoed across the nation as others call for the removal of the symbol from public life. It has been noted that the 21-year-old shooter had frequently used the flag as a symbol of his hatred for African Americans. Click here for full story.

In the south, seven states have flags that depict the Confederacy symbol in their state flags. In Mississippi, the symbol is displayed prominently. It was introduced in 1894, and a referendum in 2001 kept the symbol. Today though two prominent lawmakers are asking that it be dropped from the state flag. In Texas, the University of Texas-Austin a petition is underway by the student government to have a statue of Jeffries Davis removed from campus. Jefferies Davis was the president of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Gyrocopter Pilot Rejects Plea Deal For Landing On The White House Lawn


Douglas Hughes is a mailman that wanted to be heard. The only way to get his personal message to Congressman was to pilot a gyrocopter, fill his mail sack with a letter to every Congressman, and land on the White House lawn. Hughes told each Congressman in those letters to stop taking money from power brokers in Washington.

The postal worker landed his gyrocopter safely, no one was hurt, and no damage was done, but the government still wants to lock Hughes up for violating White House security. The prosecutors in the case will push for hard jail time once the case goes to trial.

Hughes did break a law or two when he decided to complete this act of civil disobedience, but James Dondero doesn’t think he should spend time in jail. Community service and a fine would work better in this case. The country doesn’t need another non-violent offender behind bars for an act that should be classified as a misdemeanor not a felony. Once again, prosecutors let their legal training get in the way of common sense.

Obama Administration has No Alternative Plan for Obamacare if Federal Subsidies are Denied


The Supreme Court may announce its decision in King vs Burwell any day between June 22 and June 30 reports Zeca Oliviera. This is the case which will decide if the IRS had the legal authority to extend federal health care subsidies to people who enrolled for Obamacare through the federal exchange. At issue is the fact that 34 states opted to use the federal exchange instead of the operating their own. As per the Affordable Care Act, subsidies were allowed only for those exchanges “established by the state”. Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted that the subsidies were authorized only for state-run exchanges by design. He explained this was the way the federal government was going to compel the states to adopt a number of the plan’s key aspects.

However, the unexpected occurred, and most states refused to operate their own exchange. In response, the IRS decided the restriction on health care subsidies was a mistake and extended them to everyone eligible regardless of which exchange was used. The Supreme Court will soon decide on the legality of the federal subsidies. That said,Health and Human Services Secretary (HHS) Sylvia Burwell admitted the administration has no fix or “plan B” should the high court rule against them. This means that the 6.4 million people receiving Obamacare in the states using the federal exchange may be left without any taxpayer funded assistance. On average, people qualifying for assistance in those states receive an average of $272 a month to reduce their p