Senator Sanders Denounces Senate Passage of TPA


When the United States Senate finally broke through a Democrat filibuster to pass the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill, Senator Sanders made his denunciation of the bill evident. For decades, Senator Sanders believes that special interests in Washington have led to a stagnation of wages among American workers. Its corrosive effects are steadily destroying the middle class. In his view, there is only one real cause for this decline of the middle class: free trade agreements.

As per the senator, the agreements are crafted by powerful US corporate interests in close coordination with foreign governments where the aim is to shift high paying US jobs to foreign countries. In his denunciation of the TPA bill’s passage, he pointed out that workers in Vietnam earn a meager 56 cents per hour. It is no wonder that US corporations are eager to see manufacturing plants close down in the US and reopen in that Southeast Asian nation. As Alexei Beltyukov understands, Vietnam has been part of other free trade agreements, but has not delivered on labor reform, workplace safety standards, and even wage improvements.

In the eyes of the Vermont senator, this makes President Obama’s looming Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) suspect. Ironically, the senator supported passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which no legislator had even read, but does not believe the “pass it to find out what’s in it” strategy used for Obamacare is worthy of being used to promote TPP. Still, his point is simple that free trade agreements need to benefit the middle class instead of rich special interests.

Bernie Sander Might be an Underdog, but He’s Still Beating the Republicans


There are currently only two democratic bids for the 2016 presidential election and one of them is someone most people have never even heard of. Bernie Sanders has had an impressive career as a Senator in Vermont, but is considered by most to be an underdog, to put it mildly, for the 2016 presidency.

While it is true that Hillary Clinton has a dramatic lead in the polls, he still has a significant lead over possible Republicans competitors such as Chris Christie and Rick Perry for instance. Sanders has been a long time favorite for many democrats and independents alike. However, his views are pretty far left and his career is almost incomparable to Clinton’s. Sanders has also refused to use Super PACs in his campaign, while Clinton has openly admitted her campaign would not be possible without them.

Even though that it’s true that Sanders will most likely not be the democratic nominee,  STX Entertainment knows he is beating out his republican competitors. These findings are revealing a possible shift in the political parties, in favor of the democrats. Considering the current issues Americans are dealing with, such as climate change and income inequality, republicans have been fighting against their demise for some time. Their outdated politics might finally be catching up to them.

Obama’s Favorable Ratings Have Gone Up


President Obama’s favorable ratings have gone up. Latest Gallup poll indicates that the number stands at 53%, which is the highest since September 2013. Since then the numbers have been mostly below 50%. The favorable rating should however not be confused with approval ratings, which are normally much lower.

Obama’s approval ratings stand at 46%. This means that there is a seven point gap between the two ratings. Since his first election, the gap has been averaging at 5 with the highest being 8 and the lowest being 2.

Obama’s favorable ratings have increased since the poll in November 2014. Currently it stands at 90% for democrats and 52% for independents. Republican low approval ratings have however remained more or less the same.

Generally speaking, Americans are more likely to give Obama a favorable rating than they are to approve of his work. James Dondero noticed however that both ratings have  increased since the last poll.

The increase could be attributed to his latest attempt to end the feuds between different groups for example Cuba and USA, members of congress who differ on trade and the police and racial minorities. Obama’s ratings might be very different from those of his predecessors by the time his term ends.

The Gallup poll was done by conducting phone interviews. 1024 adults aged 18 and above, from all the states in the country were interviewed in the poll. The participants were selected randomly.

Utah’s Solution To Chronic Homelessness Is Working


Homelessness is a major social issue in the United States. Thousands of people across America don’t have a place to sleep each night, and most of us don’t want to do anything about it. Some people say the homeless are homeless because of the choices they made. Others say homeless people are drug and alcohol addicts that deserve to be homeless.

Those opinions have some truth in them, but the whole truth is, homeless people are suffering from emotional, psychological and physical issues that have gotten out of control. Homeless people feel they are victims of a cruel world, and in a sense that is true. The cruel world is the world they call their reality.

Utah is doing something about their chronic homeless issue. Rather than arresting the homeless, Utah is giving them a place to live, and then the state finds out why they are homeless according to Amen Clinic. The program has been a success. The cost of supplying a home is $11,000 a year. That’s better than the $17,000 it costs for hospital treatments and jail time.

Senator Cruz Caught in Oklahoma Scandal


Senator Ted Cruz is set to enter a heated battle in Oklahoma at his headlining speech this Friday. Senator Cruz is scheduled to appear at the event funded by the Oklahoma Republican Party as one of the stops in his bid for the presidency. He has officially announced and been campaigning across the country recently, trying to drum up support before the Iowa Straw Polls, which is the first test for GOP candidates. The polls take place this summer and test all the candidates viability, finding early leaders and increasing fundraising efforts. However, in Oklahoma Senator Cruz is entering a controversy that was previously unrelated to his campaign.

The chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party has refused to discipline or fire a staffer that has plead guilty to domestic violence charges. In fact, the chairman has attempted to sweep the incident under the rug, keeping the lieutenant on board. There are a large number of candidates for positions across the state who are set to speak and get donations during the gala. Many of the state candidates have backed out or withdrew support because of the incident, but Senator Cruz has not yet released any statement regarding the matter. The staffer, named Clint Ryan, was recently named Executive Director for the party. After this announcement was made by the chairman, a local news report surfaced showing the Ryan has been shown guilty in the controversy. The folks at SlideShare and Madison Street Capital are shaking their heads at the whole situation.

The Days of the GOP May Be Numbered


The Grand Old Party (GOP), as the name implies, is a long standing political party who once had a great amount of influence on elections. However, the GOP is becoming increasingly aware of the obstacles they face in the upcoming 2016 presidential election, the biggest one being their party is growing older and older by the second. And with a country who is currently being overrun with millennials, the GOP is quickly losing the influence they have held onto for so long.

Millennials are now the biggest and most influential group in America, and their values tend to be significantly different than the GOP’s. The new generation is largely democratic and the GOP is seeing the effects of this, they are now attracting fewer first time voters than any other time in history.

Susan McGalla along with don’t think the GOP simply doesn’t represent the America of today, a nation represented by people of many different backgrounds, classes, and socioeconomic status. The members of the GOP are literally dying off without anyone to replace them. For these reasons, republicans are desperate to win over some of the youth by appealing to the values they find important. However, their past attempts to do so have largely been unsuccessful and without an entire re-haul of their political message, the GOP will most likely continue to fail to inspire young voters. As of right now, the GOP is at a major disadvantage in the 2016 elections.

Iron Levels In Alzheimer’s Patients


Our bodies need iron in order to stay healthy but recent studies are showing that keeping an eye on the iron levels in a person’s body can help predict whether or not they are at a higher risk of developing

Alzheimer’s disease later on in their life. You might be thinking that low levels of iron will indicate a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease later in life but it is actually the complete opposite. People who have higher levels of iron in the blood are at a higher risk of developing memory loss later on. Luckily, there may be treatment available early on. There are a number of prescription medications that are designed to lower iron levels in the blood.

There are a number of risk factors that make you more apt to develop Alzheimer’s later on such as genetic factors according to the Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is trying to look out for them all. High levels of iron can contribute as well. You can easily reduce your iron levels by donating blood on a regular basis but if this is not an option you may want to speak with your medical professional next time you have some blood work done. Studies have shown that iron lowering medications can actually reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to fifty percent. No matter what the treatment option is, caution should be paid to these patients. Lowering iron too much can put a person at risk for anemia and this can come along with its own set of issues.

Cannes Film Festival: Women Wear High Heels Or Leave


Generally, high fashion for women includes an expensive pair or high heels. They are bound to look good and leave the wearer’s feet terribly sore, possibly blistered, by nights end. The Cannes Film Festival is now making high heels mandatory for female patrons. This ludicrous rule encroaches on a woman’s right to chose her clothing, not be put into a stereotyped box. Heels are simply not for everyone, especially older ladies who may have health problems. Ivan Ong doesn’t recommend them to his female friends.


Are there rules for men’s styles of shoes, no. In defiance to the Cannes Festival’s silly little rule several celebrity men have vowed to wear high heels at their next appearance, turning the rule into an international joke. We all have the freedom to chose how we dress and how we look, having a dress code is one thing but putting a specific rule for women only is unnecessary and does not add to the level of prestigious for their events.

President Obama Meets With Middle East Allies Over Iran and Anti Terror


President Barack Obama met with six of the United State’s middle east allies this week to discuss anti terrorism efforts in the region as well as the nuclear deal with Iran. The summit appeared to turn on the allies displeasure, most notable of which is Saudi Arabia, with the accord that the United States has been negotiating with Iran. While President Obama tried to convince the allies that the accord was in the best interest of the region, the Arab allies stressed their concern that the accord which would lift sanctions from Iran would only strengthen a regime that many in the gulf region see as the instigator for many of the current conflicts in the region including, in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Christian Broda is aware that Saudi Arabia is also engaged in military strikes in Yemen against Shiite forces that many believe are supported by Iran. Some experts on Middle East affairs note that the real concern behind the summit is whether the United States is aligning itself more with Iran as oppose to Saudi Arabia which has been its main ally in the Middle East outside of Israel. The United States and Saudi Arabia have been close allies as a matter of economic convenience, since the oil crisis in the 1970s. The United States was able to negotiate the use of the U.S. Dollar as the currency for all international oil transactions to end the crisis, which some thought might lead to the invasion of the middle east region by the United States to get control of vast oil reserves. President Obama Pledges Support for Arab Allies

UK Passes Secret Legislation to Allow Authorities the right to Hack


Recently the UK government passed secret legislation that would allow authorities to hack into computers and phones legally. The laws were passed without any vote or public debate on the subject.

The new laws were passed in part because of a complaint filed last year by Privacy International. The complaint outlined the illegality of hacking being performed by the GCHQ under the Computer Misuse Act.

The laws were passed as secondary legislation under the Serious Crime Bill. No one was even made aware of the new laws until they took effect on May 3rd of this year according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

Privacy International’s lawyers point out an important fact. The new laws would allow UK authorities to legally carry out cyber attacks within the UK with absolutely no penalty. It basically gives them free reign over any computer system they can hack into.

I think that it’s a little troubling that a government organization would simply pass new legislation when being accused of illegal activity. The laws weren’t up for public debate because the public would surely be against them. The government hasn’t even made it clear why the laws would be necessary or what benefits could be derived from the new legislation.