Obama’s Stance on Police Affairs: Finding Common Ground


Like millions of other Americans, you may get nervous when you see a nearby cop car. All cars around suddenly start obeying the speed limit to avoid being pulled over. You’ve heard the numerous news reports of police brutality, especially in the Baltimore riots. However, this is just the beginning of the injustice that goes on around America.

Police brutality is a serious concern for the United States and accounts for at least 19% of complaints. The number of these complaints actually resulting in discipline were minimal at best. Baltimore is in a state of panic following the death of Freddie Gray after he was taken into police custody. He fell into a coma and has severe damage to his spine and larynx. With comparable events like what happened in Ferguson, the general public is getting restless with this perceived injustice as they blame law enforcement.

As usual, this is a game of ‘he said, she said’ as racial tensions mounted between law enforcement and those who demanded justice for the fallen citizen. Barack Obama addressed this ongoing issue, claiming that some changes need to be made on both sides. In his interview, Barack explained that officers must be held accountable for their brutality in situations like this. At the same time, he pointed out that the rioters’ actions were unexcuseable.

What Barack Obama and several gangs from Baltimore are trying to do is find some common ground between the public and law enforcement to stop this senseless violence. Will they find a resolution before racial tension gets even worse. Dr. Daniel Amen, for one, certainly hopes they do so soon.

Hillary Clinton Sets Forth First Planks in Her Campaign


Hillary Clinton is expected to begin providing details in her campaign for President in the next few days. Her initial policy positions include ending the cycle of mass incarcerations for Americans and how the United States justice systems punishes crimes. She also noted that the current criminal justice system has disproportionately targeted African Americans and especially African American men. Psychiatrist and physician Dr. Daniel Amen understands the psychology behind this variety of police behavior. Clinton also announced that she would make it a national mandate that all police officers wear body camera and that there be increased reporting on police shootings and deaths involving people of color. The Clinton campaign also hinted that she would soon present proposals to address the massive student loan debt that many Americans carry through out their lives.

Political analyst observe that the initial policies presented by Clinton seem to target the core base that was critical in getting Barack Obama elected to two terms as President. This core group is primary made up of minorities and young professionals between 25 and 40. This is the group that is most hampered by the criminal justice system and the crushing weight of student debt. However these issues will not win Clinton the swing votes that she needs to win the White House. These swing voters will be primarily concerned about the economy and how the government will effect their quality of life moving forward. These voters could swing an election five to ten points in either direction and are critical to any hopes for Clinton to win the White House.
Clinton Lays Out First Political Planks

Wild Times In Baltimore


There are some strange things happening in the city of Baltimore right now. Currently, ongoing riots have caused major disruptions in a lot of the activities that regular citizens of the city have enjoyed. The riots are taking place in response to actions taken by police (particularly those actions taken against unarmed African American men).

Baltimore is a city known for various gangs and urban unrest from time to time. However, the level of these riots is something that most did not believe they would see. However, as always there are two sides to every story. For all of the blame and criticism that so many have cast upon those doing the riots, some are showing the reasons behind some of these actions.

Vox.com has reported that since the year 2011, Baltimore has settled or lost more than 100 cases related to police brutality. That is an average of more than 2 cases per month for the last four years.

The people behind the unrest have stated that they want to protest peacefully, but that is certainly not what happened last night. There were massive riots and a lot of things just got out of control stated bystander Sultan Alhokair. Even the President has said that the riots are unacceptable and that those who are behind them are “criminals and thugs”.

It is a dangerous situation out there right now, and all are hoping for peace in the streets.

Senators Begin Applying Pressure to Senate Cafeteria Contractor to Pay Livable Wage


A group of Democrat senators lead by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, the Democrat’s number two ranking member, has called on Restaurant Associates to pay cafeteria employees a livable wage and offer benefits. At issue is a recent walkout by 40 cafeteria and janitorial workers who are protesting their current wage of $10.10/hr. The workers are demanding $15/hr. Now, senators have begun demanding they receive not only $15/hr, but also health care benefits and other perks. It appears that a news story about a senate cafeteria worker earning $360/wk. and being unable to afford housing has convinced senators to call for reform. It was several years ago that the cafeteria and janitorial services were privatized. Naturally, such government contracts tend to go to the lowest bidder. Sadly, savings made to the government come at the expense of the employees.

It is unclear if Restaurant Associates will comply with the request. Legally, they do not have to make any change as their current contract will run through December. That said, Cornelsen feels that senators are making it clear that if the company wants to see their contract extended past that date, changes will need to be made. Nor is it clear if the senate is prepared to pay Restaurant Associates more money to fund the wages and benefits they demand the company pay. It may be that senators believe all that is required in order to fund the largesse they seek is some high profile arm twisting.

“Clinton Cash” Author Calls for Investigation into Questionable Quid Pro Quo Donations


On Sunday, Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Clinton Cash”, is calling for a formal investigation into a long series of questionable cash donations to the Clinton family foundation which may have been done in exchange for favors from the office of the Secretary of State. Specifically, Schweizer believes there is a pattern between key donations to the Clinton’s foundation and favorable rulings by the State Department to those same companies. Perhaps the most controversial transaction was a highly favorable ruling by the State Department in 2010 which led to Russia owning a significant share of the United States’ uranium reserves. It has long been President Putin’s desire for his nation to control the world’s uranium reserves. Donations done by Russian companies or other foreign entities with ties to Russia were instrumental in helping Putin advance his agenda.

Admittedly, Schweizer says he is not in possession of any proof that the deals were conducted with quid pro quo in mind. That said, he says it is a suspicious pattern which has emerged from no less than 11 key donations to the foundation. It is unclear at this point whether the Congress will take up the investigation or if the Obama administration will direct the Justice Department to launch an inquiry. Fersen Lambranho finds this all very interesting (Wiki). However, the matter may end up becoming a “Swift Boat” incident to torpedo Mrs. Clinton’s presidential aspirations. Schweizer conducted his research over a ten year period.

Congress Considering Passing Highly Discriminatory Bills, Claiming Religious Freedom as the Reason


Concerning legislation was introduced in Washington D.C. Which has the LGBT community planning swift action to stop it. The U.S. House of Representatives are on the verge on legally discriminating against the gay and transgender community by attempting to pass measures preventing employees from in-vetro fertilization or having children out of wedlock.

If passed, the bill would effectively and swiftly have profound impacts of the LGBT community, making it a social crime to be gay or transgender and have a family. Understandably, leaders from the gay and transgender community are standing up to fight against these measures from passing. The U.S. House of Representatives tries to explain how the anti-discrimination laws currently on the books in Washington D.C. Are a violation of an employers right to religious freedom, somehow making it legal for a boss to fire someone if their personal religion doesn’t agree with an employees lifestyle, for any reason.

This are truly frightening bills that would strip American citizens of their constitutional rights and freedom, which Boraie Development LLC say would also strip away the ability to work for many people who have families, simply because their boss’s religion doesn’t agree with their choices.

Congressman Embraces Transgendered Child


An 8-year old girl named Malisa was born as a transgendered child. Malisa was born as a boy, but she quickly began to dress and act like a girl. Malisa loved Barbie dolls and dressing like a princess. She showed early signs of being a transgendered person. Malisa’s grandfather is Mike Honda, and he happens to be a congressman from California. Mike Honda posted a picture on his Facebook with Malisa, and he said that he was very proud to have a transgendered grandchild. Malisa’s family was happy when they saw the picture.

Wikipedia.org wrote that Mike Honda inspired a lot of people when he put that picture up on Facebook. Malisa’s family soon received several messages from Facebook users. Malisa’s mother and grandfather were praised by many, and Facebook users said that transgendered child are no longer afraid of being different. Malisa’s family took the young girl to several doctors, and together they will decide what’s best for Malisa in the future. This is a beautiful story, and Malisa can have a normal life thanks to her family. For more information on this story, visit msnbc.

Hillary Clinton Fights Back Against House Inquiry into Benghazi Attacks


The email controversy regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email addresses and a personal email server during her tenure as secretary of state is proof enough she has not revealed all the pertinent information regarding the Benghazi attack in 2012. Thus far, attempts by GOP investigators have been met with recalcitrance on the part of the Democrat party’s 2016 presumptive nominee. Her refusal to cooperate does not appear to be ending any time soon.John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, told reporters the GOP inquiry is meant to tarnish her image politically. He cited as proof the fact that the House Subcommittee on Benghazi will conduct their investigation into early 2016, which is the start of the presidential primary season.

However, Congressman Trey Gowdy, the subcommittee’s chairman, insists that it is his objective to wrap up the investigation by the end of the year. That said, it will require Clinton’s cooperation which is unlikely. In an effort to remove the appearance of a political motivation in the House investigation, Mrs. Clinton has been offered the chance to testify in private before the subcommittee. She has refused. Sam Tabar, a hedge fund manager and adviser thinks that there are more important issues to talk about. He outlines those issues on Thumbtack. Other House Democrats also back her position out of fear the GOP could release sensitive statements by Mrs. Clinton to the press which could be politically damaging if taken out of context. Instead, Democrats are requesting a public testimony. Mrs. Clinton has faced a difficult year of press coverage following revelations about her lack of transparency and questionable fund raising practices with her charitable foundation.

Chris Christie Wants to Take Another Look at NAFTA


NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement was championed as a huge step in opening up trade between Canada, the United States and Mexico. As the only three nations in North America, it seemed very important for the three countries to have strong trade relationships with one another. However, it has had an adverse affect in many ways as well. NAFTA has made it that much easier for corporations to move production to Mexico, where production is cheaper. This has actually resulted in hundreds of thousands of lost jobs moving away form Canada and the United States and into Mexico. Now, two decades after the creation of NAFTA, it seems as though many individuals inside of the United States wants some changes to the agreement.

NAFTA went into affect on December 8, 1993 under President Bill Clinton. While many have gone on to blame other presidents, specifically the Date President Bush and, to a lesser extent, President Obama for the jobs that have left the United States to go to Mexico and for allowing loopholes in the system for this to work. The fact of the matter is these leaving jobs are due to NAFTA, which came about due to Clinton signing the agreement into law (he also signed into law the housing agreement that forced banks into providing mortgages to home buyers who could not afford them, causing both the housing and financial crisis nearly a decade later). Now, many politicians are calling for a new look into the bill.

TSA Says Full Screening Of Airport Workers Won’t Enhance Security


The TSA does a great job of looking professional, but looks, as we all know, are deceiving. The government created a two-headed monster when the Transportation Security Administration was formed. One head is supposed to protect passengers, and the other head look the other way especially when it comes to airport employees. There is a flaw in the security system, and the TSA can’t find or doesn’t want to find it. The reason is money. It costs too much to physically screen airport employees.

The Transportation Security Administration says full employee screening won’t stop terrorism. The administration says they have a system in place that can detect threats. That system is the called the point system. If passengers get four points for various actions, they get a full body search. If they six points for acting like what the TSA calls “strange” the cops are called in. But there is no point system for airport employees because the TSA screeners are too close to them. They see them frequently and call them by name. That familiarity is a major security gap. Or you could have a private plane like Adam Sender.

Terrorist live and work like we do. We call them terrorist after they commit a horrific act. Before that act, we call them friends.