Possible Outcomes of DHS Shutdown


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) faces a government shutdown if congress cannot approve funding by midnight Friday. Barring passage of a funding measure, the DHS will go into a government shutdown. However, many in the public are not aware just how a DHS shutdown would affect them. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was relying on this voter ignorance in his recent remarks that a DHS shutdown would provoke a “terrible disruption” in the lives of citizens. The fact is that well over 80% of the DHS’ workforce or 210,000 employees would remain on the job during any government shutdown. Current federal law designates them as begin essential for the preservation of life or protection of property & assets. As such, the US Coast Guard would continue patrolling the nation’s coasts and providing vital search & rescue efforts. Likewise, the Border Patrol would continue to perform its duties as would a range of other government agencies operating collectively under the DHS umbrella.

The impact of the shutdown would be more pronounced in communities with lots of DHS employees. This is because while most people at the DHS would remain on the job, their pay would be disrupted pending passage of a spending bill. It will likely cause many to experience financial consternation due to cash flow issues. According to Health Imagining reports, some suggest that non-essential employees at emergency response offices would lead to longer wait times to receive help. However, that is unlikely given that those essential to the performance of life saving duties will remain on the job. The GOP claims the impact of a DHS shutdown would be minimal.

Warren Recognizes Supports For 2016 Run


She continues to say that she is not going to run for President in 2016, but Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has to admit that she does have supporters. She has paid notice to such supporters according to TheHill.com. She says that people are getting behind her like that because America is ready to “fight back”.

The Senator believes that people are realizing that the game is rigged against them, and they are finally ready to do something about it. She has been a beacon of the progressive movement in the United States, and this is why Ray Lane says so many are encouraging her to run for President.

It would certainly be a start to get someone like that into office say her supporters. Unfortunately for them, no matter how strong their efforts have been to try to draft her into the race, Warren just does not seem to be ready to commit to such a run. She just seems to understand the power of her Senate seat, and may be unwilling to take a run against Hillary Clinton who seems to be the likely nominee on the Democratic side.

Whatever the reasons may be for Warren not getting into the race, there are sure to be plenty of people continuing to try to push her in that direction. So far, Warren has continued to say that she is not interested in such a run, but she must certainly be thankful for the outflow of support.

Bare Minimum Raise


Most people want to make more money on their job. A family that relies on minimum wage often finds that it’s hard to pay the bills, put food on the table and get the extra things that the family needs. There have been states that have raised minimum wage, but a quarter more an hour isn’t really a lot when you think about the prices of food, gas and survival. By the time someone sees the raise, it will be taken for taxes because when people make more money, the government often takes more money out of the paycheck. Some people are thankful for the extra money, and healthcare workers are benefiting, even if it’s only a few dollars a week as it’s a pack of diapers or an extra gallon of gas. If the government wants people to get out of poverty, then the minimum wage amount is going to have to go up by more than a quarter.

The Mysterious Future of Constantine



Where are things headed with the NBC series Constantine? No one knows and no one will know until May. Fans might consider it a bit cruel that they must wait and wait until Spring comes to a close to learn whether or not their favorite supernatural D.C. Comics anti-hero gets a second season on television. Honestly, the crueler news would be an immediate answer of “No!” and that the series was scheduled to go off the air for good.

Then again, there is nothing good about such news.

Nothing looked particularly bright for the future of Constantine as audience numbers were not particularly strong. The last episode of the season experienced a 6% uptick in viewers and this may very well have saved the series from an unceremonious cancelation. The key word here is “may” because no one knows for sure whether or not the series is going to continue forward, will be canceled, or ends up moved to SyFy. The odds are greater that the series is going to be renewed because, clearly, NBC Universal has not chosen to flat out pull the plug on it.

Constantine has a strong cult following, but not a huge audience. The show struggles to break out of its niche. A move to SyFy might be the best plan. Applying his analytical mastery of probability, Gianfrancesco Genoso theorizes that by doing so simply ensures the niche receives its preferred programming.

Who knows? The series could run for many years thanks to a jump to a new channel.

Obama’s Stance on Marijuana Legalization


Obama has been described by many as having unclear views on various issues but perhaps one of the most well known topics that comes to mind is his stance on marijuana legalization. While in most cases Obama has not spoken specifically in support or against legalization as a whole, he has commented on the recent surge of state legalization, shedding some light on his, and his administration’s, stance on the topic.

Historically the Obama administration has enforced federal marijuana legislation regardless of any state laws concerning it says Flavio Maluf owner of Eucatex, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. This has of course upset some individuals who feel they should be protected under state laws. Recently Obama commented on this saying he will continue to enforce federal laws regarding marijuana but won’t spend resources trying to over turn the decision of states that do legalize it.

That being said Obama also mentioned that he views treating marijuana as a criminal problem rather than a medical problem, like say tobacco or alcohol addiction, has been not only counter productive, but also devastating to many minority communities. This leaves the marijuana issue in somewhat of a gray area. It is obvious that opinions regrading its use are changing but it seems also that the legislation, at least on the federal level, is being slow to match those opinions, even the opinions of the president no less. While the tide does seem to have turned in the favor of those who favor legalization/decriminalization, only time will tell how things turn out.

What You Need To Know About Dr. Rod Rohrich


Dr. Rod Rohrich is a plastic surgeon who lives in the Dallas, TX area. He is well known for his practice across the entire globe. Dr Rod Rohrich was originally from North Dakota, but went to medical school in Houston, Texas at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Rod Rohrich has excelled at all of his medical studies and graduated at the top of his class- even through his undergraduate years. After he went to college in Houston, he went to Boston for further educational courses at Harvard University. Well equipped to practice medicine, Dr Rod Rohrich began his actual career in 1986 at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has been featured on television shows such as The View and The Oprah Winfrey Show because of his exceptional skill in medicine. He is known for providing patients with individualized care that achieves outstanding results. Some of his before and after photos are absolutely stunning; people have traveled from all over the world to have procedures done by Dr. Rohrich. He stands above other surgeons in this field because he takes extreme caution with every procedure he does- the smallest mistake can result in a scar for the rest of your life. This is not something that Dr. Rohrich’s patients have to worry about.

In addition to being a highly skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich is also an educator. He has been a visiting professor to colleges of medicine across the globe because people want to hear what he has to say. A plastic surgeon doesn’t generate such a large following unless they are incredibly good at what they do. He teaches people what they need to know about plastic surgery to become successful themselves. He has also published more than 600 peer reviewed articles and was the co-author for the book Navigate Your Beauty: Smart And Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions.

Dr. Rod Rohrich currently lives in Dallas, Texas and practices plastic surgery together with his wife, Dr. Diane Gibby, to provide some of the most exceptional cosmetic surgery available in the world. This team of plastic surgeons has made several people confident with their looks and body again. Dr. Rod Rohrich specializes in restoring youthful looks and is always happy to speak with patients who are interested in altering their body for the better, as well.

Clinton strong and stronger


Clinton is strong against all opponent this cycle even though she has not yet formally announced her candidacy. Hill as she is being called has a substantial lead in most categories. However, there are some like Marcio Alaor BMG  that will be on board with Hillary this cycle that have not been big on the Obama Administration in recent years. It is believed that these women supported Obama, but were wary 0f his candidacy after he took down Hill in the primaries.

This quiet group of women are the largest growing electorate although minority demographics has been touted in that position. This group is college educated white women, and it is not surprising that this group goes heavily for Hilary because it is the group that she most represents. They are also a group that feels that their problems had not been at the fore, and they are ready for their hard collegiate work to pay off. This is the group to watch, and they very well may be ready for Hilary.

Candidates Are Not Beloved At Home


Candidates on both sides of the aisle who are considering running for President may have to face the very real problem of not having a lot of support in their home states. These candidates are right to be concerned because they have a total lack of enthusiasm back home.

Fersen Lambranho posted on LinkedIn about how Chris Christie is a perfect example of a candidate who has interest on the national stage but does not have as much popularity back home. No one is predicting that he would win his own state in a general election. Politico.com reports that the same problem can be seen for another likely candidate Marco Rubio. In his home state of Florida, Hillary Clinton is outpolling him by at least two points.

Speaking of Clinton, she is not as popular as one might expect in her home state of Arkansas. However, her adopted state of New York loves her. She would very likely win New York in a general election and lose Arkansas.

These are interesting facts simply because it means that the people who know these candidates the best are not that enthusiastic about them to say the least. They seem to be lukewarm at best, and downright disgusted at worst.

Naturally, one does not need to win their home state in order to run for President. However, the fates of those who lose their home states are not often good. Consider Mitt Romney in 2012 and Al Gore in 2000.

Biden Cast’s Dount on Russia’s Intention in Eastern Ukraine


Vice president of the United States Joe Biden has raised doubts about Russia’s intentions in eastern Ukraine. He has said that “Russia should not be allowed to redraw the map of Europe” while speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Belgium. Vice president Biden is referring to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, formerly a part of Ukraine in 2014.

According to Brian Torchin, the vice president has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of calling for peace, while having Russian troops actively fighting against the Ukrainian army in eastern Ukraine.  Biden has also vowed that the United States will stand firmly by the side of its European allies as they try and help Ukraine fight the Russian backed rebels in the eastern part of the country. The United States and the European Union has already enacted sanctions against Russia. The sanctions have had an impact on the Russian economy which has slowed down, but Russia continues to provide assistance to the rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Speaking further about Russia and president Vladimir Putin, vice president Joe Biden has stated that Russia is ignoring treaties that govern borders and the sovereignty of nations. Fighting has gone on and off between government forces and rebels in eastern Ukraine. There is a new call for a ceasefire and an agreement between Russia and Ukraine over the status of eastern Ukraine.

The United States and Europe are now considering giving military aid to Ukraine to fight against rebels in the east. Russia has responded that such an action taken by the US and its allies will be viewed as a threat to Russia and may result in Russian military action.

Tax Strategy May Help with Obesity



People have been fighting the battle of the bulges for a long time says Flavio Malud. The proverbial diet pills and diet plans have failed time and time again, but not for everyone. It takes discipline, and strong- will to stay away from foods that are high in calories, and fat content.

According to blogspot.com, instead of offering low fat foods as an alternative to losing weight, others feel that an increase in taxes on foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt will discourage kids from eating unhealthy foods. Studies show that children in the UK are likely to be obese or overweight, than children living in similar countries.

Unlike someone intervenes, these children will grow up facing a sleuth of health problems. This may lead to children coming down with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Other symptoms include back, and knee pain, high infertility rates and poor sleeping habits.

The taxes on high fat content foods is a strategy to combat obesity. If countries want to change the trends of bad eating habits, it must first start with tackling this worldwide problem that is affecting the health of children nationwide. The crisis is not over. If things are to change, parents must help their children to make healthy choices.

These choices include choosing and eating the right foods, and exercising. Schools can play their part in ensuring that they too, serve healthy and nutritious meals, and replace bad snacks in their vending machines with good snacks.