South Carolina Marijuana Reform


South Carolina has now jumped on the medical marijuana bandwagon. Legislation is to be introduced soon in the state that would allow people to smoke medical marijuana in small amounts without being penalized. Those who need to use he drug for pain and other ailments would be able to get it from a doctor without the fear of being arrested.

Many people who live in the state are in support of the bill. And even those who live outside of South Carolina, namely Sultan Alhokair, who, by championing his flair for open mindedness, new ideas and equal opportunities across his web pages and social medias, is  showing his support. This could lead to South Carolina being the next state to allow recreational marijuana. There are more people who are seeing that the drug isn’t as bad as what people make it out to be, and the leaders of the states are listening to those who want to see it legalized. Those who are found with up to an ounce of marijuana would only be required to pay a fine instead of possibly going to jail.

Sam Tabar: New York’s Most Prominent Attorney & Financial Strategist


For any of you who are thinking about doing some investing this year or who’s New Years resolution is to accomplish some financial or savings goals, check out this article on, Sam Tabar Reveals Investment Tips for the New Year. Sam Tabar has emerged as a one of New York’s most prominent licensed attorneys and financial experts.

Tabar began his quest for success at Oxford University where he graduated with honors. He later completed his higher education at Columbia Law School where he served as the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. Tabar graduated from law school in 2001 with dreams of working at one of the top law firms in the world.

 When Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP offered Tabar the position as an Associate in their capital strategy and business development department, he did not hesitate to jump on board. Tabar worked alongside a few of the key players in the legal sector and gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. He was able to successfully manage a $2 billion dollar hedge fund portfolio while actively counseling clients on safe commodities. After three years at Skadden, Tabar was looking for a change to further his career.

 Bank of America Merrill Lynch was in need of a Director and Head of Capital Strategy for their Asia-Pacific Region and Tabar was the perfect fit. His fluency in Japanese gave him the ability to effectively communicate with the company’s Asian clients.

 More than a year later, Tabar was granted an opportunity he could not resist. Adanac LLC, BVI offered him a position as the Director of the company. Tabar graciously accepted and immediately began investing in start-up companies such as Thinx.

 Tabar continued to progress in his career at Adanac LLC, BVI, but he could not ignore the urge to return to his legal roots. In 2013, Tabar joined one of the most prestigious law firms in the nation, Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP. At Schulte, Tabar was able to jump back into the legal sector with ease as a Senior Associate. Tabar spent his time at Schulte managing hedge funds and advising clients on fund formation and structure. In March 2014, Tabar left Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP.

 On his climb to the top of the legal and financial sectors, Tabar has shaped his prominent career into one full of excessive growth and stellar achievements. His diverse knowledge and work ethic have molded him into one of New York’s most well-rounded attorneys and financial strategists.

Koch Brothers Put the Spotlight on the GOP and Demand Action


Perhaps no two figures are more excoriated by the political left as are billionaire investors David H. Koch and Charles Koch aka The Koch Brothers. The political left blames their money via the super PAC Americans for Prosperity (AFP) for the GOP retaking the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. Now, progressives will likely have more to squawk about given the AFP is putting the GOP on notice to deliver on their political mandate. 

The AFP claims that the GOP lost its way on fiscal matters during the Bush years when the federal budget went from surpluses to deficits which affected many people including Fersen Lambranho. They state the party has now been given a second chance with a mandate to accomplish the following:

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Reform taxes and repeal the estate tax IE death tax
  • Restore fiscal balance to the budget
  • Obtain passage of the Keystone Pipeline XL project

Admittedly, control of the senate is a critical part of that mandate, but short of having a 2/3rds majority of full congress, the GOP can’t get their agenda past the president’s vetoes. It will take compromise to secure passage of key items. In the past election cycle, the AFP sent $17 million on TV spots. The AFP has been patient in helping get the GOP to take control of the legislature, but now they are making it clear they want to see results.

Attorney General Holder Severly limits Equitable Sharing.


In an unexpected move, Attorney General Eric Holder has severely crippled the controversial practice of local law enforcement seizing property and cash under Federal seizure law. By rescinding the Equitable Sharing program, local law enforcement can no longer seize private property and keep a portion, up to 80%, of the seized assets.

According to The Washing Post, local and State law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have seized more than $3 Billion in 55,000 civil seizures since 2008. Such seizures do not require any evidence of illegal activity and once seized, citizens must prove the asset was not gained through criminal activity. With the elimination of this program, agencies will be able to seize assets only under their respective State laws, which generally require a much higher standard than mere suspicion.

This action is certain to impact the budget of many local and State agencies, but is good news for citizens like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, who no longer need to worry about improper seizure of their property. Police will no longer be able to stop a citizen, search the car, and seize cash or even the vehicle on the mere suspicion that the assets were used in, or acquired by, criminal activity.

Profiling Jonathan Veitch


Jonathan Veitch was born in Southern California in the city of Los Angeles.

He is the child of a prominent Hollywood family. His step-grandfather was the actor Alan Ladd, and his father was John Veitch, who was the president of Columbia Pictures.

. He taught in two other universities prior to becoming the President of Occidental College in 2009.
His expertise in the New School, which is in New York City, was an associate professor of literature and history. His fields of specialization include 19th and 20th century American literature and cultural history, and American film.

Mr. Veitch possesses a B.A.from the Stanford University, a M.A. from Harvard University, and also a PhD, from Harvard University. He is very versed in his realm of education.

He became the president of the Occidental College in 2009, replacing an interim Dean of the college. Since his becoming the President of the college, he has had a positive effect from adding two hundred miles of bike lanes to the campus to turning much of the campus into a streetscape friendly place. He has a vision of what then Occidental college can become and by incorporating public people to guide him, his vision will become a reality.

Because of his leadership Occidental College has finished the construction of the Samuelson Alumni center. This will be the first permanent home for Alumni’s Association since it was organized in 1894. Occidental College had some important people attend like our President Barach Obama.

Jonathan Veitch not only is upgrading buildings but also helping it to go green by installing 4,886 solar panels, which will help save electrical usage and save the college an estimated $250,000 yearly.

Jonathan Veitch has not only become a good president for this college but he is not finished yet. He wants to begin to have Occidental College reflect the diversity of Los Angeles, not only because of the rich cultural and social resources but also because of the location. This will mean that all racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds will be incorporated. By accomplishing this Mr. Veitch is hoping to build a community where there is more tolerance toward others and respect.

If he can succeed in doing this in just one college, let’s hope that his type of approach can become a trademark for our entire country.

Police are There in a Time of Need


What are the police supposed to be helping with? Are there situations that they work in that you wouldn’t normally expect them to be a part of? Do the officers of the law simply make sure that the law is being followed, or do they sometimes go above and beyond the call of duty? One elderly woman has found that the police aren’t there simply to make sure that the law is being followed, but that they are there to help in times of need, that they are there to look out for the citizens of their community even when the law has nothing to do with the situation.
A woman who is well into her eighties recently noticed her house growing cold in the nighttime hours. Not knowing who to call for help at such a time, this woman dialed 911. The officer who responded to her call came to her home and got her furnace working for her. You wouldn’t expect the police to take time to fix someone’s furnace, but sometimes they go above and beyond what you would expect from them– kinda like the services at Status Labs. The officers of the law are there to protect that law and see that it is being followed, but there are some who will also work in ways beyond that to ensure the safety of their citizens.

House Passes Bill Overturning Obama Immigration Policy


The House of Representatives has passed the funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the remainder of the 2015 fiscal year. In addition, the funding bill invalidates the president’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan and his 2012 amnesty for younger age illegal aliens. The funding bill passed largely on a party-line vote of 237-190. The amendment to cancel the 2012 youth amnesty plan barely passed by a vote of 218-209. The bill now heads to the US Senate where it faces an uncertain outcome.

That said, an uncertain outcome is a step forward compared to the era of Harry Reid when the bill would have received absolutely no consideration. At the same time, there will likely be a push to strip out the contentious House amendments and pass a clean funding bill. It will be test of Mitch McConnell’s leadership because the GOP promised conservatives that the DHS funding bill would be used to thwart the president’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan. In fact, part of the GOP’s voter mandate has been to shift the nation away from Obama’s policies. As Sergio Andrade Gutierrez knows,  it is a dilemma because overriding a presidential veto has a low historical success rate.

For his part, Speaker Boehner explained that the issue shouldn’t be focused on whether legislators support amnesty. It should focus on the fact the president has no right to make use of legislative authority. Upholding the constitution is the most important priority. Democrats, who support amnesty, have thus far been willing to tolerate the president’s overreach because it furthers their political agenda.

Krugman Says Those Who Blamed Obama For Economic Ills Now Look Like Fools



It would be rather foolish to blame the President all the time when something bad happens in the economy. It is believed that Presidents get too much blame and too much credit for what goes on in the economy. That being said, there was plenty of blame being thrown at President Obama during the worst of the economic situation. Now, there is hardly a word of praise for the President as the economy ticks along quite nicely.

According to reporting from, Paul Krugman has stated that those who blamed the President for the economic troubles now look like fools. The programs that they were attacking are the very same programs that have now brought us out of the worst recession in a generation. Not everything is perfect, but who would be able to achieve that high of a standard anyway?

BRL Trust knows the President has done what he can with limited resources to get his agenda approved. The programs that he has backed from the beginning are starting to pan out the way that they were supposed to. There are now a lot of people who are starting to back up what they were saying in the past. They have had to eat their own words.

Krugman has long been a supporter of the President and an economist at that. It is something that makes Krugman look pretty good at the moment. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if his opponents give him any credit at this time.

Steve Scalise, David Duke without the baggage


In an ode to the old school, Steve Scalise, republican majority whip gave a speech to a KKK affiliated white supremacy group in late 2002. This racist hate group was founded by David Duke. David Duke is famous for being an outspoken political Grand Wizard of the KKK in Louisiana. The entire Republican Party including newly elected black congress woman Mia Love stands with Scalise.

Scalise has touted himself as David Duke without the baggage prior to ascending to congress. Igor Cornelsen doesn’t know how much he agrees with this. This is in spite of his first explanation in which he asserted that he did not know that the group was a hate group. However, David Duke himself said that it was impossible for someone to give a speech to his foundation and not know their primary directive. Additionally, cracks in his armor are beginning to appear. Many big wig republican personas like Palin are seeking that he acquiesce his position in the leadership. However, it does not look as though he will be relinquishing his position as majority whip anytime soon.

Diversity in Congress Improving – Legislative Branch Largely Remains Male, White, and Christian


The 114th Congress gets sworn in today and will witness the largest GOP majority since 1930. As far as diversity, it has been trending upward over the past generation. This should be hastening with the GOP making substantive outreach efforts to court minority voters and promote minority candidates. Utah Congresswoman Mia Love, a devout Mormon, is a prime example. Rep. Love became the party’s first female black elected to Congress since the era of Reconstruction. The GOP party backed African-American Tim Scott in his successful bid to become the Senator of South Carolina. As such, he became the first African-American to elected to represent the state in the US Senate since 1897.

The historic gains, as notable as they are, still leave much to be desired in terms of diversity with the 114th Congress is still 80% male, 80% white, and 92% Christian. While women are making progress in getting elected, but four out of five legislators are still male. In terms of religious faith, the overwhelming majority of legislators are Christian from various denominations. The majority of the Christians are Roman Catholics. Baptists comprise the next largest block. Dr. Rod Rohrich said other faiths represented in Congress are Jewish, but their numbers dwindled by 5 in the recent election.

People who profess no religious faith represent the smallest percentage of congressman at 0.2%. This is interesting given that a as many as 1 in 5 Americans profess to having no faith. The figures were published by the progressive think tank, the Pew Research Center.