Horribly Injured Andy Wirth Comforted By Pearl Jam


The situation looked bleak. Andy Wirth had enjoyed the thrill of skydiving for several years, but on this fateful day, windy conditions created a recipe for possible disaster. Wirth became disoriented, missed his intended landing area and was forced to make a split second decision to attempt an emergency landing in a nearby vineyard instead.

His right arm was shredded by the steel posts and wires supporting the grapevines in the field. With blood pouring from his injured arm, Wirth drew on his background as a back country ranger and quickly assessed the situation. Despite the immense pain, he used his left hand to help stifle the heavy flow of blood.

He knew that he also had to maintain control of his emotions until help could arrive. Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” immediately began playing through his mind. The lyrics about mortality first created an intense sadness within him, but that feeling was soon replaced by intense joy as a sense of peace washed over him. He continued to sing the song aloud until EMTs arrived. After being airlifted to the University of California, Davis trauma center, he began his stay in ICU. He had 21 surgeries to repair his horribly mangled arm and was released after a 50 day stay.

For Wirth, life is returning to normal. The recovery of his right hand has proven to be easier than his elbow which is healing more slowly. While his wife continues to help him with some tasks as he continues to heal, Wirth, CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski, has returned to work and was recently appointed as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. While he still admits a love of skydiving, he states it is doubtful that he will ever skydive again. He feels that the pain and hurt that his family endured on his behalf was just too much to ever be repeated.

The Contribution Of BMG Bank And Marcio Alaor To The Financial Sector


Since 1930, BMG bank has been a leading financial organization in Brazil. This bank was founded, and is still part of the Guimaraes family. The institution started out as commercial bank, which focused on product and consumer financing for people and commercial entities. However, BMG changed its role to that of offering payroll loans .Consequently making the bank a yardstick for that type of service.

In 2012, the bank diversified its operations by coming together with Itau Unibanco S.A. in a Joint Venture contract to form Banco Itau BMG Consignado S.A. Consequently, this unification was a definite merit to BMG as it allowed the bank to shift focus to other operations, and services of the bank .The numerous services included BMG Express services, Payroll credit Card and financing of second hand vehicles. The shareholding of the total and voting capital stock for the venture is 40% for BMG bank and 60% for Banco Itau BMG Consignado S.A.

Testament to the fact that a person can achieve whatever he focuses on, Marcio Alaor, who is the bank’s vice president, was previously a shoe shiner .Nevertheless, he is currently the Vice-president of BMG bank, and has aided in building a trustworthy relationship, and boosting the credit cases with the clients through his expertise. In addition to his leadership and professional expertise, the bank has been able to incorporate state of the art technology among is operations. Subsequently, it has led to more efficient and fast services for the clients.

Macio Alaor is responsible for the strategic plan to expand the funding and investment of the bank commensurate to aiding clients achieves their objectives. He is also a member of the Board of Directors therefore; he and other members understand the need to come up with a plan for the success of the business. Moreover, Mr. Marcio has been applauded by various people including local authorities and politicians during the inception of a square, which was named after him. This was in honor for his service delivery in developing his hometown.

Among BMG’s strongest attributes is the development of loan cases in an appropriate manner, which guarantees customers of superb profit levels. In addition, the company utilizes a framework for identifying talent, which has led to a highly skilled and competent work force. The employees through synergy groups are able to come up with solutions to complications at the bank. Further, the bank has been able to achieve and cover great strides in its operations due to its highly qualified personnel.

International Investment Firm Madison Street Capital


The world international banking is one that requires the use of many skills. Those who enter this field must be prepared to demonstrate their ability to understand many areas of banking including effective use of capital, working within the confines of many kinds of laws and the ability to provide for competing needs of many varying types of investors all expecting a good rate of return on their investment capital. Companies that understand this process are companies that will able to flourish even in times of great turmoil and change.

One of today’s foremost international investment capital firms is that of Madison Street Capital. This international capital firm has many offices all over the world in order to help respond well to the needs of their investors who count on them to be in touch with what is happening in the field of business at any given moment in time. Their skilled staffers know that they can help people spot investment opportunities that are not always obvious to those who may not live near in this given area or understand the workings of the international capital markets. The focus here is always on the needs of the clients and what any given person will need in order to get the kind of results they need and want from the capital they have chosen to invest.

Madison Street Capital focus also remains on providing those companies that need their fiscal expertise the means to get it. Their many skilled staffers are seeking out the kind assistance that they know their clients need in order to be able to do important tasks such as negotiating international contracts, contacting local markets and working within the confines of area laws that may not be clear to them even if company officials have a background in the field of law. In doing so, they are able to help many companies learn how best to harness the power of the international marketplace and serve the needs of those who are living in other parts of the world. The use of such markets can benefit all concerned and allow both locals and those living in other parts of the world to fully connect with each other and get the kind of products and services that each needs. This kind of help is vital for those companies that want to work within the international markets in other nations.

Brad Reifler-Game Changer


Brad Reifler is making the term “class warfare” as obsolete as buggy whips. Mr. Reifler realizes that the widening gap between the wealthiest one percent of the population and the other ninety-nine percent is an ongoing problem which bodes ill for the world. He has developed a unique approach to solve this growing problem. He has created a way for the 99 percent to have the same opportunity as the one percent.

Mr. Reifler is a successful financial entrepreneur. Soon after earning his degree from Bowdoin University, he founded Reifler Trading. This firm was so successful that it eventually was acquired by Refco. After leaving Refco, Mr. Reifler founded Pali Capital, an international trading and capital management firm which he left in 2008. In 2009, he founded Forefront Advisory where he remains today. In all these ventures, Mr. Reifler has enjoyed tremendous success in trading and investment activities.

Several years ago, Mr. Reifler had an epiphany when a relative gave him their life savings to invest. He discovered that since this relative was not an accredited investor, they were foreclosed from many profitable opportunities that the wealthiest individuals were allowed to participate. Mr. Reifler realized that this was a grossly unfair situation and decided to apply his entrepreneurial skills to come up with a solution.

Taking advantage of evolving SEC rules regarding accredited investors, Mr. Reifler announced in late 2014 the creation of the Forefront Income Trust, an investment vehicle geared towards the middle class investor who wants greater opportunity. With a minimum investment of $2500.00 those previously left out of higher yield investments can now participate. Forefront Income Trust is unique for another reason. Unlike other managed funds, Forefront Income Trust does not charge a management fee regardless of performance. No management fees at all are charged until the investor has realized a return of at least 8 percent. This puts the investor’s interest above the fund manager’s and incentivizes the fund to produce results.

Mr. Reifler sees this as the path to a future which will allow the middle class to participate in the same opportunities that the top one percent has enjoyed. This creates a situation that instead of class warfare there will be class unity. This is good for the country and good for business. Brad Reifler is changing the game for the better.

Purchasing Gold Coins On Today’s Market


With volatile global economies and hyperinflation, developing a proper investment portfolio can be one of the most important things an investor can do. Gold is one of the things that have proven itself, over time, as a protection against loss because of market shifts that can eradicate unprotected accounts. While currencies may collapse and companies fail, gold has proved itself over a long period.

Gold has been famous throughout history. From Babylonian times to discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in California, people have been fascinated by this beautiful metal. The Netherlands and England, for example, issued paper bank notes, also called gold certificates, in the 17th century for people who kept gold bullion in their safes. While currencies can collapse, stocks fall and government deficits mean printing more money of less value, many have considered gold as a safe asset.

There are a number of different types of gold investments. Gold coins, for example are popular with many people. Their value depends on their fine weight and there is a variety of sizes. Gold certificates, bullion gold bars, gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Closed-end funds (CEFS) and exchange-traded Notes (ETNs) are the various types of gold purchases that can be made. There are also Derivatives, CFDs and spread betting on markets throughout the world.

Gold coins have remained the choice of investors for centuries. Today, a company called the U.S. Money Reserve offers gold coin guidance and support in making this type of purchase. It is well known as the largest gold coin distributor in the United States, providing excellent advice for both a first time buyer and an experienced investor.

Their gold coins are sold with a 100 percent money back guarantee and they offer a full refund on any purchase returned within 30 days. They are are dedicated to customer satisfaction. This company offers not only the best gold but also silver and platinum coins. These coins will be delivered to the purchaser’s home, office or bank and, unlike paper stock certificates, can be held in one’s hands.

For many years, purchasing gold coins was a hit or miss situation. Many purchasers did not know how to obtain the best coins available. Gold market veterans, recognizing the situation, established the U.S. Money Reserve Company with over 100 Gold Specialists to assist their clients. In addition, they offer a wide variety of departments to over all contingencies of gold coin purchasing. This provides their customers with coins, which afford the highest value. They state, “At the U.S. Money Reserve, we continually strive to provide the most exceptional U.S. Government issued Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins on the Market.”

Joseph Bismark Is An Interesting And Wise Man


It is said on BusinessWire that Martina Hingis feels honored to be able to partner with the QI Group. She is glad to be able to wear their clothes in her matches and help to spread the word about this global company. She is excited that she gets to be an ambassador because of all of the great things that the QI Group has been doing and continues to do. She wants to help to help more people to hear about the company, so that it can keep growing.
It’s a great thing for a company to have an ambassador speaking for it, but it is even more important that the man or woman behind it is fully supporting it. And for the QI Group, that is definitely true. Joseph Bismark has been there from day one when he founded the company until now, when the company is involved in over 100 countries. He has helped it to grow and mature and he knows just what it needs to keep getting better. He believed that spirituality had to be a big part of it, so he took all that he knew and applied it to the company. He has always shown the workers at the company the greatest deal of respect, and in that way he has made it a work environment that they feel great coming to every day.
Joseph Bismark’s life as a boy is what helped to shape him into such an interesting and wise man, as he was raised with monks who taught him a lot in regard to spirituality. The monks who raised him helped him to understand that he needed to find a peace within himself, and they helped him to believe that respecting others was always the right thing to do. They also helped him to form a healthy lifestyle for himself, and now he makes sure to practice yoga and do various other exercises all of the time to keep his body in shape and his mind as sharp as it can be. He is a great example in everything that he does, and he is a great leader for his company.

The Benefits Of Investing In Gold Over The Long-Term


Gold has often stood as a key ingredient in the economic life of many people and cultures for thousands of years. The price of gold is one of the most watched and talked about topics in the financial world. However, gold like other commodity does not have a traditional valuation; for this reason, its price is determined by market forces of supply and demand. Gold has many qualities including monetary value, safe haven for investment and aesthetic durability. Some of the compelling reasons, why many people and investors are putting their money on gold include:
• Used as a means to protect investment from currency devaluation
• Gold acts as a financial cushion during banking and economic crisis
• Gold does not have a counter-party risk compared to paper money

In addition, many financial experts advise that investors keep between 5 to 15% of their portfolio on gold, since it is the best alternative for people who do not like to invest in other forms of money such as investment securities and cash. The experts also believe that gold is still the best cushion against deteriorating stocks and bonds as well as high inflation. When you compare the price of oil and that of gold at the second half of 2014 to the start of 2015; the price of gold has actually strengthened. Indeed, the price of an ounce of gold increased from $300 in 2002 to a high of $1900 in 2011. Statistics also indicate that the price of gold has risen by 315 percent in the past one and a half decade.

US Money Reserve
The Austin, Texas based US Money Reserve, is a leading and trusted distributor of US government gold and silver coins. The company, which is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance was founded in 2002 by seasoned players in the gold industry. These veterans wanted an entity that would offer expert knowledge, trusted guide and top customer service to a growing list of gold clients. The financial services company employees over 100 well-trained and experienced professionals. These professionals are distributed in various designations including; business support department, inventory department, numismatic experts, customer relations department, coins research experts and vault and shipping department. US Money Reserve is at the top of the gold trade because it continues to be consistent in supplying Gold, Silver and Platinum coins as well as gold and silver bullion issued by the US government.

Investment Advice



This is just one of the many concepts that Madison lives by. You need to get serious about your investments, that is if you are going to make it work for you. Madison can help you out.

Before you pick up the phone and call them, follow me below for some simple tips. These tips will help you when it comes to investing; especially, when it comes to the stock market.


The bulls and bears are who make the money. Pigs will only get squashed. In other words, you have to know when it’s time to remove yourself. A good investor never leaves too much on the table. You have to have the courage and intelligence to know when to walk away.


Yes, I know how this all sounds. Here me out. Any sort of gains you get, they will come and go. Don’t spend your time obsessing about how many gains you are getting. It’s okay to suffer some losses. This is where the taxes come into play. Pay your taxes when it’s time. You will be thankful for this move later.


This is one time where buying in bulk is not going to worth it. Buy over time. Put things in stages. Buy when the time is right, not when your emotions are ruling the roost.


Please do not buy into damaged companies. The best thing to do is buy into damaged stocks. Damaged stocks can be repaired. Companies will not be. Learn to tell the difference.


This is a good life lesson in general. Please remember to do your homework on everything you invest in. This goes for anything in life, a relationship or an investment. Invest your time, not just your money. Also, remember to keep your options open. Do not close the door on certain possibilities, just because they are dressed under a different headdress.


Madison Street Capital is the banking firm you need on your side. Madison specializes in both banking and stock investments. If you are going to play, you need to play hard. Madison will help you out with anything you need.

They have been in business for years. They believe in customer service to the hilt. You better call now. Book your appointment. Slots fill up fast with them, especially if you are not already a client.

Brad Reifler, The Business Star


The world of business, currently revolving in superbly tremendous rates, has harbored Brad Reifler, an American born serial entrepreneur. Brad graduated from the Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science after which he founded his first company back in 1982. Apart from being business minded, one can describe Brad as a leader, an adviser, intelligent, smart and a hard worker. With all the mentioned traits above, Brad was able to accomplish a lot, at a tender age in a quite competitive world order.

The Reifler Trading Corporation was born under an ambitious Brad, who was determined not only to found a company but leave a legacy in the world of global trade, business and economics. In the year 2000, Reifler Trading Company was doing ideally so good that it attracted one of the world’s finest, Refco into buying the corporation behind Brad’s innovative ideas. During that time, Brad sought an association with Pali Capital a company that focused on equity markets. He incorporated differentiated ideas and unique strategies that elevated the company into racking over two hundred million dollars in terms of profits and a few branches in head states such as the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. Moreover, it offered employment to more than two hundred employees in the offices that had been opened in the countries mentioned.

On Twitter he has exploited his skills significantly by founding the Forefront Capital Management. His biggest achievement saw him as the best adviser in the investment sector. He currently works as the top advisor in the Forefront Advisory where he gives professional advice on forex and commodity trading. Reifler also has top advisory positions in a few companies where he is the director of Sino Mercury Company. He has also worked as a director at Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and the Foresight Research Solutions all seeking to acquiring great investment ideas.

Brad’s 30 years of experience in business has surely won him titles and respect among associates and companies. His success has spoken his story for anybody with an outright aim in making a loud breakthrough in the business world. Brad decided to take in entrepreneurship at a tender age in the year 1982; which he successfully transited into the world’s most brilliant minds especially in a highly competitive industry. He offers the role model image to most young potential minds out there.

Efficient Global Expansion for FreedomPop


When FreedomPop was first established by Founder and COO Steven Sesar back in Los Angeles we are sure that they never dreamed of the sort of success that the company is enjoying. FreedomPop is a freemium mobile carrier that hooks customers up with phone plans that fit their needs, not just their wallets. For the better part of the past few years we have seen FreedomPop grow into a juggernaut in the market and now, as reported by Digital Trends, they are taking the show on the road and looking at a global expansion. Right now FreedomPop has set their sights on the busy UK market and alpha testing has already been put under way.

What FreedomPop on iTunes offers customers is pretty special when they are compared to the competition that is so prevalent in the market. FreedomPop offers a completely free phone service, with no strings attached, that caters to users who need a phone but can’t afford the bloated services launched by the ‘big names’. Users get 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data completely free and are only ever charged if they go over their base amounts or make the decision to upgrade into a premium plan. For UK customers this service could prove to be revolutionary as it is the equivalent of a basic phone plan — but completely free.

For UK subscribers there is the chance to get involved with FreedomPop in a no risk/all reward way by utilizing the alpha program. Subscribers are given the base plan completely free and then are also offered the premium plan (valued at $13 to $18) for free for an additional month. Users can take advantage of this offer via the SIM card option as FreedomPop is still working on a full hardware launch overseas. The UK is a crowded market and it is essential that this alpha program go well for their launch to become more firm.

FreedomPop has eyes set on a global expansion and so far they are taking care of business. Partnerships with Asian and Dutch carriers has given FreedomPop wings into new countries and COO Sesar is aimed at making FreedomPop work in a “global context”. Sesar went on to detail how the FreedomPop goal right now is to expand into eight new markets, surpass over a million subscribers in these new markets, and continue their evolution as a product and brand.