How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Took Over E Commerce



The Beginning Of A Business

In the early 2000s, Intermix was at the center of web pioneering. Through websites such as and other ground breakers, the company explored online retail at a time when the concept was mostly theoretical. Out of this experimentation emerged two clear leaders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Both entrepreneurs had produced billions of dollars through their startups, but their next endeavor, the companies currently under Techstyle Group, would break the mold and create an entirely new standard for online shopping.



JustFab Shakes Things Up

Ressler and Goldenberg wanted to find a way to bring the experience of personalized shopping to the online shopping experience. Although there were other companies around attempting to take over online retail, JustFab had a unique opportunity. The customers of JustFab could subscribe to the website and receive specialized selections intended just for them. This approach made JustFab a massive success and allowed the website to gain millions of subscribers. Today, JustFab is now known as the innovator of the subscription model in online retail. Pando reported how this model has generated so much success it allowed Ressler and Goldenberg to expand far beyond the limits of the internet.



Building On That Success

At first Fabletics doesn’t seem particularly impressive. It has a business model very similar to JustFab except with a focus on athletic wear. However, Fabletics allowed the duo to expand into completely new territory. Fabletics has spawned a serious brick and mortar stores devoted to giving customers the same experience they had online. Currently, there are only six stores but there are plans to expand and include as many as 100. Beyond Fabletics Ressler and Goldenberg are interested in perfecting the business model they helped to create. Thanks to new analytical techniques, The future of Techstyle Group is brighter than ever before.



Big Data Meets Fashion

At the core of everything Ressler and Goldenberg does is Big Data. LinkedIn exposes how Don has made an entire career off of data gathering. There are tons of online retailers out there and plenty of options for fashion commerce, but this can confuse many customers. Techstyle is changing everything by giving customers exactly what they are looking for. When someone shops at JustFab or Fabletics, everything they receive is tailored made just for them. You can emerge from the website with exactly what you every single time. That sense of direction will keep their empire afloat for years to come.  Read more about Don and Adam’s mission on BusinessInsider, or follow Mr. Ressler’s professional credits on his CrunchBase page here:

One-man Liberty Storm, Thor Halvorssen Thunders on Tyranny


It is fascinating when one person stands up and stands out from the crowd, people who make social issues their life force. So it goes without say Thor Halvorssen is one such individual. As President of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) he is a one-man liberty storm. But why are most people minion followers of oppression? Why is there few leaders protecting their own rights, and freedoms. Why do most people ignore suffering and pain inflicted by tyrants of government? Why do a few like Thor Halvorssen and his family take physical beating, so ungrateful future generations of people will be granted a more prosperous life? These questions are the truest essences of human nature, the fortitudinous exemplary of bravery.

Interestingly, Thor Halvorssen is a worldly notable person of his own heritage. His family waged war on injustices and suffered great consequences because of it. Yet, a motto from the Halvorssen team is clearly sent to the subjugated, don’t just whisper freedom, use your talent, mind, body, and soul to combat tyranny. Get your hands dirty a little bit, hear the thunder, and call for the mallet of peace.

It hard to name all the culprits of dictatorship in the world; the United States has human rights issues, American Civil Rights claims are abundant. A study by Thor showed that Amnesty International used almost 57% of its energy on United States injustices. So evils of the world boil down to severity, not homeland.

Thor Halvorssen sees civil rights as a global infection, one social disease that can inflict even the strongest of countries. Thor Halvorssen’s organization does not discriminate; all participants only need one basic premise. The principle is to rid the world of tyranny.

The sad part is Thor’s staff is twelve. How can it be, we as modern-day, global accessible, internet connected, compassionate, and church going people that we are, we haven’t been able to make a dent in the preverbal domination from the wicked? It is suggested, half the world is oppressed by malicious tyranny, and Thor and his squad are like superheroes saving the world one struggle at a time.

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The Analytical and Strategic White Shark Media


White Shark Media is a company that provides marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Having been founded in 2011, it has endeavored to provide world-class customer experience. The client’s complaints and compliments are highly valued and are used to move the company forward constructively. The following are some typical complaints from customers and solutions that the company has applied.

The first complaint is when customers report that they have lost touch with AdWords Campaigns due to inadequate reporting procedures. The company embarked on explaining the ins and outs of a new campaign so that the customer is well aware of it before it starts. Customers would also complain that they did not know how to track the performance of AdWords. The complaint was resolved by installing conversion tracking, call tracking and at times Google Analytics free of charge.

Another complaint is when customers feel communication is not good enough especially when they need to get hold of their contact person through a receptionist. The solutions involved scheduling monthly status calls with GoTomeeting and allowing phone systems with direct extensions. Clients may also be bothered that majority of customers are coming through the phone which is why the company partnered with Marchex to provide call tracking for each customer.

Clients also complain of not liking the idea of creating a campaign in the company’s account. The company now offers an opportunity to continue working on the customer’s account if it has an already well-performing campaign. In addition, customers may get concerned that their old campaigns were performing better than the company’s new campaigns. The company ensures that the existing campaigns are actively in use until the new campaigns start producing results. White Shark Media also has experienced supervisors who oversee campaign management.

Clients may complain of not getting a contact person who is in tune with their needs. The company’s Senior SEM Consultant are actively involved in the customer’s lifetime cycle and are no longer the primary form of contact but are also available to answer questions. Clients are well taken care of from the signing up to the optimization process. Clients would also love if the company were to offer SEO services. Though the company is yet to provide SEO services, they review SEO proposals when the material is sent to a SEM Strategist.

Google has recognized the dedication of White Shark Media Compalints team and the company was awarded Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in 2014. White Shark Media is considered as the fastest growing online marketing agency in North America.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez: Deputy to the National Assembly, Guárico State


Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a successful businessman, agriculturalist and politician. He was elected to serve as the deputy for the national Assembly in Guarico state in the year 2010. Prior to that, he acted as the president of National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (FEDENAGA). He was also the president of Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production of Venezuela (FEDECAMARAS),for two years, from the year 2007 to the year 2009. At FEDECAMARAS, he was in charge of all the fourteen chambers of this organization. He is currently a candidate for Governor of in his state.

Gonzalez, being deputy of the assembly, is actively involved in the politics of Venezuela. He is one of the pessimists who thinks that something could still be done to change the economic state of the nation. He condemns leaders who do nothing but earn a salary watching the state of their economy deteriorate.

According to Gonzalez, Venezuela has enough resources, which if well tapped could improve the living standards of its citizens and bring numerous wealth to the nation. He feels sorry for citizens electing “messiahs” who do the minimum to represent and empower them.

Gonzalez is positive that is the government was to change some policies, particularly for the agricultural sector, the nation would be in a position to fend itself. He suggests that the government starts encouraging farming in various regions by offering competitive prices for agricultural products. This would definitely encourage people to take farming serious, even consider it as a full time job. Therefore, increasing food supply. Also, he is hopeful that this would stop the few farmers that are active from smuggling their produce to the neighboring states where they get better cash for their hard work.

In many occasions, Jose Manuel Gonzalez criticizes the government for having to import fuel when they have enough reserves of the same. If the money used in importing oil would be invested at mining the fuel in Venezuela, there would definitely be more money for the government to spend on its people.

The Laidlaw & Company Difference Is In Communication


I have always felt really good working with Laidlaw & Company because they have made it a priority to communicate with me. They are always talking to me, and I have even gotten a call from Matthew Eitner about how I am going to invest my money. It makes me feel like I am a special part of the family, and it also helps me make sure that I am going to get the best results on every single investment that I make. It just makes my life easier, and it helps me get the information that I need on all my investments.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Someone who is trying to invest like me needs to come to James Ahern because they will get the most results from a small investment. The broker that I have worked with has been helping me keep expanding as much as possible, and he has shown me that I have a lot of options that were just not necessary in the first place. I have been able to get bad idea out of my head while running them through my broker, and then he shows me what would be the best choice for me in all circumstances.

I have always wanted to make sure that I could invest in something that was going to make me a lot of money, and then I have been able to make a lot more money because of the way that Laidlaw & Company works. They have it set up so that everyone will make money, and I can call my broker at any time to get the results that I want. I need to make sure that I have a chance to get what I need, and I also need to be sure that I have asked my broker first because he is really the best.

Brad Reifler And Forefront Income Trust


Brad Reifler had created the Forefront Income Fund as a vehicle to allow investing to those individuals not classified as accredited investors, those making $200,000 or more per year or those with a net worth in excess of $1 million excluding their home. Non-accredited investors are shut out of many investment vehicles, and Brad Reifler sees this Income Fund as a way to reach those individuals. It will give them the opportunity to increase their savings in a manner not previously available with a minimum investment of $2,500. This is a fund for what calls the 99 percent.

Accredited investments normally carry a higher risk so the idea is to limit them to those individuals who could afford to lose money. Reifler’s Forefront Income Fund is no riskier than any other investments, as he has sought to limit the risk through safeguards and the use of skilled investment professionals. He also points out that he will make no money unless the client realizes a return of 8 percent, thus giving his company the incentive to make sure the income fund succeeds. Reifler promotes the value of compounded returns as a way for the average investor to generate significant returns. He believes the average investor is smart enough to invest in this type of income fund.

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Group in 2009. It offers investment banking and wealth management for individuals and institutions. His Forefront Income Fund is his latest idea to expand his client base and offer services not previously available. Reifler founded Reifler Trading Company in 1982, and continued with that firm until it was sold in 2000.

Sanjay Shah is a brilliant businessman


Sanjay Shah is one of the biggest names in the financial sector. He recently founded Solo Capital and the company is having a tremendous impact on the financial industry. While the company is extremely influential, many people still do not understand what the company does.

Solo Capital is a global boutique institution, they are headquartered out of London. The organization was incorporated in 2011. Because the organization is located in London they are regulated by the United Kingdom. Shah has made a tremendous impact at Solo Capital, and he is proud of the progress that he has made.

Solo Capital was started after he left his accounting job at a bank in the Northern part of London. Shah had worked as an accountant within the finance industry for several years, but he did not enjoy working in this role. The commute was not enjoyable, and he felt that the hours were extremely long. Finally, Shah often felt that his efforts were wasted within the industry.

Shah quit the financial industry just as the financial crisis of 2008 began. Just after the crisis Sanjay would rent a tiny room on the outskirts of London. This tiny room would become the founding office of Solo Capital. His brokerage company grew slowly at first, but today it employs thousands of people. Solo Capital became so successful that now Shah runs several other companies. Solo Capital is in a great position to expand for years to come.

Sanjay Shah is an extremely successful businessperson, but he also works with several charities throughout the world. He is most proud of his work with Autism Rocks! Autism Rocks is an organization that is committed to spreading autism awareness throughout the world. They hope that by airing numerous commercials and holding several events every year they can encourage people around the world to look for a cure to autism. Shah has rallied celebrities from around the world to rally to his cause. Many musicians are proud of their work with Autism Rocks!

Sanjay Shah is a success story that people everywhere can follow. His willingness to go out on his own paid off in a huge way for himself and the world.


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Danilo Diaz Granados: Master of Trade and Innovation


Danilo Diaz Garanados is an Associate at Fireman Capital partners (FCP). Before joining FCP in 2015, he was Private Equity Investing’s Account advisor in Miami, Florida. He received his Bachelor of Science in BS in Entrepreneurship and Economics from a private business school in Wellesley, Massachusetts called Babson College.

Danilo researched investment-to-return relationships in merchandising industries, energy efficiency, hedge funds, fine arts, real estate and innovative startups. He also analyzed innovative, demographic and social qualities of investment opportunities.

CrunchBase tells us that Danilo Diaz Granados is also the Director and Co-founder of the “Toys for Boys Boutique Privee” located in Miami, Florida. “Toys for Boys Boutique Privee” is a luxury boutique that deals in contemporary art, timepieces and exotic cars. To add onto his business venture list, he is the Producer and Co-founder of Edge of Glory Films, LLC in Miami, Florida.

Mr. Danilo influences editing, production, distribution and promotion of communications content. With his position at Edge of Glory Films, he aims at providing the United States with fresh media that focuses on Hispanic interests. Danilo Diaz Granados has been known to have the ability to identify lucrative business niches and turn them into profitable companies.

He was engaged in the world of trading business from when he was young. The assets of Diaz Granados have started gaining in the bond market with an estimated value of about $400 million. He reportedly bought bonds of various state agencies and sold them for substantial profits.

Danilo Diaz Granados’ name has always been linked to financial matters concerning the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). When the Finance Commisssion of the National Assembly was chaired by Rodrigo Cabezas, his name became involved. He negotiated to reduce debts by strategizing to buy bolivars in exchange for dollars.

Diaz Granados also got the opportunity to be the chairman of the Finance Commission of the National Assembly. In that position, he was a key figure in facilitating speedy transactions that helped the commission solve its financial dilemma. Danilo Diaz Granados currently operates between New York, Panama and Miami where he runs most of his businesses.  Be sure to follow Danilo on Facebook, and gain some insight into his expertise from his Vimeo videos.

Kevin Seawright On Creating New Homes In Baltimore


In an article previously posted on Morningstar, it was stated that Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions are working to fill homes in Belvedere Square in Baltimore and reported that they are succeeding to do so.
In 2015, Kevin Seawright created the co-partnership with RPS Solutions. He wanted to create an affordable housing market to strengthen the community in Baltimore.

RPS Solutions works with potential homebuyers by connecting mortgage lenders with individuals, managing assets, accompanying the construction of new properties and offering renovations of an underdeveloped housing unit.

Due to the efforts of RPS Solutions and Kevin Seawright, the Baltimore community is beginning to flourish.

Kevin Seawright has a Bachelor of Science in accounting and a Master of Business Administration. In 2012, he received his Project Management Professional certification. In 2015, he got his Executive Leadership Certification from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

He has a career spanning over 10 years, in which he has used his expertise to better communities on the East Coast. He began his career as a Managing Fiscal Officer for Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement Education. After which, he worked as a Payroll Director with the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. He also worked as a Finance Director for Baltimore’s Department of Housing and Community Development and a director of financing and facilities with the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks.

He worked as the Vice President and Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore City Public School system from 2005-2011. In 2012, he became the Executive Director of Operations to Baltimore City Community College. There, he improved the management structure and efficiency. He also adapted budgetary solutions and increased daily on-campus student activities. From 2012-2014, he was the Executive Director of Operations in Maryland. He is the current Executive Vice President and Financial Chief of Newark Economic Development Corporation.

He proudly resides in the Baltimore area. He supports local community groups, which include youth leadership programs and cultural organizations: the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Sports Legends Museum. He also proudly supports and actively participates in the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum fo Black Public Administrators, and the Association of School Business Officials.

Bernardo Chua has Become a Worldwide Business Leader


Bernardo Chua, known on Twitter by his nickname, Bernie, has realized his vision as a young man. This vision included hard work, determination, and a keen business sense. While growing up in the Philippines, young Chua has grown from an employee to a global entrepreneur. This has been realized through his company he named Organo Gold.

While building his own success, Chua strives to bring as many people as possible to join him on the road to success. His company was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He started his company as a start-up. His dream opened with three employees. His success is measured by his present multi-million dollar industry which operates in more than 35 countries. He now has thousands of employees and independent distributors.

Chua’s career started in the Philippines where he was employed by Gano Excel. He then moved to California where he managed Gano Excel USA. His success comes mainly from his dedication and his understanding the true benefits of the herb known as ganoderma licidium. This ingredient was a part of the products produced by Gano Excel; however, his vision led him to include it in such beverages as coffee and tea.

As a result, in just a short number of years, Chua has managed to deliver a healthier alternative to beverage drinkers that improves lives with greater levels of wellness, balance, and prosperity. As a result of his dedication he has earned numerous awards. One of these awards was given to him as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year. He went on five more times to win this award. In 2014 he received a Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award. The following year he and two of his staff visited Manila, Philippines where he was once again honored with the Dangal ng Bayan award while he was also recognized as the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.

Chua is proud of his company sponsor, OG Cares Foundation, that enriches the lives of young men and women worldwide. The goal of the group is to prepare young men and women to become better leaders in the future.